Currents in Anthropology: Annual Student Research Conference

The Department of Anthropology will be hosting the 3rd Annual Currents in Anthropology Conference on Saturday, March 11th, 2017 to celebrate the research and academic excellence of our students. Podium and poster presentations will highlight the research activities of our Undergraduate and Graduate Students. We will cap the day off with a keynote address by Anthropology's alumna, Jude Isabella, B.A. (Rhode Island), M.A. (UVic).

Stz’uminus First Nation elder Ray Harris on a dock

Stz’uminus First Nation elder Ray Harris has mentored youth in working with the UVic-led mapping project. Photo: Chad Hipolito.

A pregnant Cuba woman by a Viva Fidel graffiti wall

Alexandrine Boudreault-Fournier studies the impact of evolving media creation technologies in Cuba.

Leslie Butt looking at peppers with an Indonesian woman

Leslie Butt studies the impact of international migration on the experiences of eastern Indonesian families.

Andrea Walsh with a residential school painting

Andrea Walsh collaborated with Survivors from the Alberni Indian Residential School to repatriate paintings created at the school (1958-1964) to their original creators or families.

Research is a source of vitality that enhances the experience of our students.

Our faculty are engaged in exciting and relevant research locally, regionally and internationally, and across anthropology's sub-fields of archaeology, biological and cultural anthropology.

A distinctive feature of our research program and graduate training is our concern to create thematic integration across anthropology's traditional sub-fields. This is an innovative and exciting approach that builds on anthropology's long-standing holistic approach at a time when fracturing along sub-disciplinary lines is becoming the norm.

We're one among a small number of anthropology departments in North America that is actively fostering meaningful connections and dialogue among anthropology's traditional sub-fields.

Several thematic foci link faculty and students across traditional sub-field boundaries. These include: