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Graduate students





Attar, Armaghan email L. Coogan MSc Geochemical analyses (major and trace elements) of hydrothermal sediments in order to quantify mass exchange in the water column above black smokers.
Bedard, Jeannette email S.Vagle
PhD Physical oceanography and acoustics of Cumberland Sound, Baffin Island.
Bringue, Manuel email V. Pospelova PhD Dinoflagellate cysts as indicators of seasonal-to-centennial history of climate change in the Eastern North Pacific.
Brown, Lonn email K. Wang
G. Spence
MSc Cascadia subduction earthquakes, Tsunami modeling and hazard prediction.
D'Souza, Rameses email D. Canil PhD Mantle geochemistry.
Daines, Jeff email A. Monahan
C. Curry
MSc Assessing the Present and Future Wind Energy Resources in Western Canada.
Dakin, Tom email S. Dosso
S. Vagle
PhD Meauring seawater density using acoustic impedance and sound speed.
Davidson, Elizabeth email K. Moran
K. Juniper
MSc Understanding river flow triggered turbidity current mechanism.
Dawson, Travis email S. Johnston MSc
Del Greco, Kassandra email S. Johnston MSc Structural geology of the Cantabrian Orocline.
Dirkson, Arlan email B. Merryfield
A. Monahan
PhD Improving the seasonal to annual prediction of sea ice in operational climate models.
Engida, Zelalem email D. Ianson
A. Monahan
PhD Physical controls on extremes of oceanic carbon and oxygen cycles.
Fellows, Steven email D. Canil PhD The Behaviour of Ore Elements in Arc Magmas.
Gao, Dawei email K. Wang
S. Dosso
MSc Thermal modelling of the Winona Basin.
Giesbrecht, Karina email D. Varela PhD Marine biogenic silica dynamics of Arctiv and subarctic ecosystems and their response to environmental perturbations.
Gosselin, Jeremy email S. Dosso
J. Cassidy
Hayashida, Hakase email N. Steiner
A. Monahan
PhD Ocean Biogeochemistry; marine DMS (Dimethylsulfide) modeling in the Canadian Arctic
Hoeberechts, Jay email L. Leonard MSc
Hughes, Kenneth email J. Klymak PhD
Hutchinson, Jesse email H. Kao
G. Spence
PhD Seismologist currently researching earthquake activity related to the Cascadia subduction zone and neighbouring faults. Looking into converted phase arrivals to identify boundaries within the subduction zone.
Jackson, Sarah email J. Cullen MSc The biogeochemistry of silver and cadmium in marine samples.
Janssen, David email J. Cullen PhD Chemical oceanography; marine trace metal biogeochemistry.
Johnson, Ben email C. Goldblatt PhD Geologic nitrogen cycle, stable isotope geochemistry, long-term element cycle modelling.
Jonsson, Carl email R. Hebda
V. Pospelova
Kanes, Kristen email S. Vagle
S. Dosso
Marine mammals, sound source classification, sound source
Kuponiyi, Ayodeji email H. Kao
G. Spence
PhD Seismic Imaging: Ambient Noise Tomography.
Lew, Alicia email A. Weaver MSc
Li, Zhao email S. Dosso Visiting
Li, Zhen email V. Pospelova PhD
Mackay, Duncan email G. Simandl
D. Canil
MSc Niobium and tantalum mineralisation in carbonatite occurrences in British Columbia, focusing on geochemical and textural relationships of ore minerals.
Mao, Yiwen email A. Monahan PhD Statistics of sea surface winds.
McEwen, Gerri email S. Johnston PhD
McGoldrick, Siobhan email D. Canil MSc
Mortenson, Eric email N. Steiner
A. Monahan
Mueller, Bennit email N. Gillett
A. Monahan
PhD Detection and attribution research focused on high-latitude regions to attribute the causes of observed changes in arctic sea-ice.
Mullan, Sean email V. Barrie
V. Pospelova
PhD Marine sedimentary Processes.
Murdock, Sheryl email K. Juniper MSc
O'Neill, Caitlin email S. Vagle
S. Dosso
MSc Physical oceanography and acoustics of Resolute Bay.
Optis, Mike email A. Monahan PhD Probability distribution of surface wind speeds.
Perez, Maeva email K. Juniper MSc Characterization of the variations in endosymbiotic microflora of the vestimentiferan tubeworms (Polychaeta, Siboglinidae) sample from two contrasting flow regimes, high flow and low flow, in Hydrothermal Vents.
Pisiak, Laura email D. Canil MSc Trace element chemistry of Fe-Ti oxide minerals related to porphyry Cu-Mo-Au deposits.
Reeve, Jennifer email R. Hamme MSc Denitrification in the Arctic.
Schallenberg, Christina email J. Cullen PhD Chemical oceanography; using measurements of superoxide to study the redox-chemistry and bioavailability of metals in the ocean.
Research page.
Seyedali, Minasadat email K. Gillis
L. Coogan
Shaw, Jessica email S. Johnston PhD Paleocurrent analysis in the Variscan orogenic belt of the Iberian Peninsula: Paleogeographic implications.
Shejwalkar, Archana email L. Coogan PhD Mantle Xenoliths from Ocean Islands and the Evolution of the Ocean Lithosphere.
Sun, Tianhaozhe email K. Wang
G. Spence
PhD Subduction zone hydrological processes, using pore fluid pressure transients to study tectonic deformation.
Tian, Zhu email L. Coogan PhD Fluid-rock interactions in oceanic hydrothermal systems
Timmerman, Amanda email R. Hamme PhD
Tokarska, Katarzyna email N. Gillett
A. Weaver
Wan, Di email M. Foreman
J. Klymak
PhD Physical Oceaonography: near-shore dynamics in Discovery Islands region and Northwestern British Columbia coast.
Wang, Manman email J. Klymak MSc
Warner, Graham email S. Dosso PhD Marine mammal localization using inversion methods applied to underwater acoustic data.
Wolf, Mitchell email R. Hamme MSc
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Conditions at SEOS

UVic Sky Cam

Temperature: 10.9C.
Wind: 0km/h SE.
Humidity: 91%.
Rain: 0.00mm.
Insolation: 0W/m2.

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