Physics aid service

Need help with undergraduate courses in physics? Drop by the Physics Aid Service (PAS) in Elliott 038 or Learning Commons 129 for some support.

PAS offers a welcoming and supportive environment for students at any level of undergraduate physics.

Instructional support commonly addresses problems with conceptual understanding, difficulties encountered with homework assignments, preparation for mid-term and final exams, and occasionally even preparation for external exams such as the MCAT.

Depending on the number of students requiring help, instruction may be one-to-one or in small groups, with emphasis placed on engaged interaction between the students and the instructor.

PAS runs in Elliott 038 (in the basement of the Elliott Office Wing) and in Room 129 of the C.W. Lui Learning Commons in the McPherson Library.


Summer 2017 term
Please note that the current Summer 2017 schedule will continue until August, 2017.