Professional development

For those who fall under the following employee groups, there is assistance available through various funds to help with costs to further your professional development.

Please be sure to read the guidelines for elibibility carefully. Also please visit University Systems for information about approved computer and equipment purchases.

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Pro-d policies & procedures

CUPE 951

Career development fund policies and procedures

The purpose to the fund is to provide regular employees with opportunities for career development within the university’s work force that are not directly related to their current employment. All regular CUPE 951 employees are eligible. Please review the policy for further details.

Administration of the fund

The fund committee will consider funding requests for tuition fees, courses, workshops or seminars as well as required books and course materials. The maximum total annual amount is $500.

Any requests that require an employee be absent from work must include the appropriate documentation as per Article 26.06/26.07 of your collective agreement. Fees for job related departmental courses are not eligible. These costs are the responsibility of the department.

Personal growth training

Personal growth training and seminars will not be approved for individuals. While we recognize the value of such courses, the primary intent of the fund is to make direct contributions to an individual’s career enhancement.


Each submission must be on an official application form. Where department head approval is not required, completed forms may be submitted electronically to  in Human Resources.

Requests for funding:

  • Must be made before the start of the course – early submissions are encouraged.
  • Course changes after the start date will be considered only if there are extenuating circumstances, and the committee is notified immediately in writing.
  • The career development committee should be notified in writing if you do not use the approved funds.
  • Requests to take courses during periods of extended sick leave must be supported by a doctor’s certificate stating that the course requirements will not adversely affect the employee’s health or prolong their absence from work.
  • A maximum of $500 may be rewarded per applicant during the Academic year (September to August)

Reimbursement requirements

  • Complete Business Expense Reimbursement Form and forward to HR with supporting documents: (HR to complete expense allocation section)
    • Proof of successful completion of course.
    • Copy of invoice showing cost breakdown together with original receipts.
  • Submission to be made within two months of course completion.
  • Approved courses taken during layoff, leave, vacation or extended sick leave will be reimbursed after the employee has returned to work.
  • You must still be employed at UVic to receive reimbursement.

Employees may opt to receive reimbursement over two months to lessen the tax impact. Please request this when submitting your receipts for payment.

Appeal procedure

If your application for funding has been rejected, you can appeal the decision by submitting in writing the reason(s) for the appeal to the chair, career development committee, c/o Human Resources.

The committee will review the written submission with the original application and advise the applicant in writing.

For more information, please see your collective agreement

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Questions? Please contact  for assistance.

Faculty and librarians

For more information on professional development expenses and/or leave, please refer to the Faculty Framework Agreement.

Management excluded staff

Professional Employees Association (PEA)

Each PEA regular and term staff receives a professional development fund. You may also be able to access the central pro-d account.

Technology expenses

  • Eligible on personal professional development (PDEA) account: purchases of computer hardware and software as long as pre-approval from University Systems, Technology Solution Centre has been granted prior to the purchase of equipment. Failure to acquire pre-approval could result in denial of reimbursement.

The central professional development fund does not consider any technology related items to be eligible for reimbursement.

PEA professional development expense account (personal)(PDEA)

The purpose of the PDEA is to assist eligible regular and term PEA staff in meeting their professional development expenses.

Professional development includes activities which enhance a staff member's work performance, ability or effectiveness. Learn about claimable expenses, annual allocations, pre-approval etc.

PEA Pro-D Expense Policy (HR6420)
PEA Pro-D Expense Guidelines

Claiming expenses

To claim your (personal) professional development expenses please use the Business Expense Reimbursement or, if applicable, the Travel Expense Reimbursement, on the Accounting forms site.

NOTE: Please indicate on the form that your expenses are to be put against your professional development expense account. Don't worry about an account code as it will be assigned by accounting.

Central professional development fund

The purpose of the central professional development fund (the central fund) is to assist PEA staff members in funding professional development opportunities that cannot otherwise be funded.

Applications for reimbursement will be considered on a first-come first-served basis. In addition, priority will be given to applications where:

  • the staff member's PDEA is first depleted or requires top-up from the central fund to cover incurred pre-approved costs, and/or
  • there is a contribution from the department's staff development budget funds, preferably matching the amount requested for reimbursement from the central fund, and/or
  • the staff member has not been granted funding from the central fund during the 24 month period preceding the most recent date of application.

Guidelines and application form