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Kelly Choo
Kelly Choo, Award for Staff Excellence, 2013-14

Science recognizes the passion and commitment of its staff by presenting an annual Award for Staff Excellence.

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Award for Staff Excellence

Kelly Choo (Mathematics & Statistics)

Kelly Choo completed a combined UVic Computer Science-Math BSc in 1992 and an MSc with Gary McGillivray in 2002. He began his career at TRIUMF for half his time and then was hired by Math & Stat as a Programmer/Analyst for the balance of his time. In 1996 he joined the Education Services Group on campus and then, upon the creation of the Pacific Institute for the Mathematics Sciences (PIMS), he became the PIMS Web manager. Kelly is now the Systems Administrator for Mathematics and Statistics.

Kelly’s job in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics has changed along with the Unniversity's evolution in approach to campus-wide computing. For example, the unit’s web presence (including course pages) is much more important now than it was 20 years ago. The department also now operates a high-speed cluster instead of an antiquated dial-up system. There have been endless changes in networking, authentication protocols, file sharing, etc. Kelly has developed and grown with the changes, and has done so seamlessly and gracefully.

As many of the supporting letters for his nomination attest, Kelly is a really nice guy, in addition to being extremely smart, creative, and diligent. His contributions to work and community in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics are outstanding.

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