The chemistry department is dedicated to maintaining a working environment that is safe for our researchers and the community. We conduct regular safety inspections of all laboratory space and ensure proper disposal of hazardous wastes in cooperation with the University's Office of Occupational Health, Safety, and Environment.

For researchers

All overnight reactions must be labeled with an overnight reaction sheet (.doc/ .pdf) that lists contact information for the responsible person as well as a detailed list of the hazardous materials contained therein.

More about laser safety (pdf).

Safety reports are distributed to the department on a semi-annual basis. Please contact if you are new to the department and need a copy of the latest report.

WHMIS and New/Young Worker training must be completed by all new researchers BEFORE they start in the lab. Please contact for details. Fire extinguisher, First aid, CPR, Radiation, and Biohazard training courses are also offered by OH&S. Please contact them directly for schedules and details.

Vacuum history cards are intended to ensure the safety of personnel performing maintenance on vacuum pumps. Please use the cards to list all volatile chemicals that have been removed using the pump, and that may therefore have come into contact with the pump oil. Solvents that are regularly removed with the pump need only be listed once for each intra-service time period (1-2 years). Volatile chemicals that fall outside of normal use should be individually listed with each exposure. Repairs will not be completed without a complete card. Cards can be obtained from the machine shop.

PIABs maintenance and proper use is essential to their performance. This video anddocument provides information on how to use them, how to avoid common problems, how to clean them if they've been misused, and on how they are about to be retrofitted to improve reliability.

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