Behavioural Medicine (BMED) laboratory

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What is the Behavioural Medicine lab?

The Behavioural Medicine (BMED) lab is a research lab (director: Dr. Ryan Rhodes) within the School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education at the University of Victoria, Canada. Our mission is to produce and disseminate innovative and population-relevant physical activity and health research of the highest calibre within an environment that fosters collaboration, community, pride, and life balance.

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Kaushal, N., and Rhodes, R.E., (2014). The Home Physical Environment and its Relationship with Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour: A Systematic Review. Preventive Medicine. 67, 221-237.

This study was recently published! Navin Kaushal and Dr. Rhodes explored the relationship between the home physical environment and physical activity and sedentary behavior. One finding that emerged was more prominent physical activity equipment was more likely to be used than smaller ones. If you would like to read this article, click here!

Rhodes, R.E., and Quinlan, A. (2014). Predictors of Physical Activity Change among Adults using Observational Designs: A Systematic Review. Sports Medicine

Dr. Rhodes and Alison Quinlan investigated 26 correlates and their relationships with physical activity in studies without intervention and longer than three months. From this review intention and the onset of motherhood emerged as the only two that reliably predicted overall physical activity change. If you would like to read more, the article can be found here!

Physical activity and parenthood

The BMed lab has been contributing to research on physical activity and parenthood. Three recent studies were published on this area and the lab is currently conducting two studies working with parents.

Rhodes, R.E., Blanchard, C., Benoit, C., Levy-Milne, R., Naylor, P.J., Symons Downs, D., & Warburton, D., (2014). Physical activity and sedentary behavior across 12 months in cohort samples of couples without children, expecting their first child, and expecting their second child. Journal of Behavioral Medicine:37(3), 533-542.

Rhodes, R.E., Blanchard, C.M., Benoit, C., Levy-Milne, R., Naylor, P.J., Symons Downs, D. & Warburton, D.E.R. (2014). Social Cognitive Correlates of Physical Activity Across 12 Months in Cohort Samples of Couples without Children, Expecting their First Child and Expecting their Second Child. Health Psychology.33(8), 792-802.

Rhodes, R.E. Blanchard, C., Benoit, C., Naylor, P.J., Levy-Milne, R., Warburton, D., Downs, D., (2014). Belief-Level Markers of Physical Activity among Young Adult Couples: Comparisons across Couples without Children and New Parents. Psychology and Health. 29(11), 1320-1340.