Jessica Ball and Khim Mar Aung
Jessica Ball (left) named one of the 2016 recipients of the 2016 Provost's Engaged Scholar Awards. Khim Mar Aung from Myanmer (right).

Through a strong and committed faculty, a dynamic master’s program and doctoral program, the School of Child and Youth Care has made significant contributions to the health and well-being of communities within British Columbia, Canada and internationally.

Our faculty and students contribute to and collaborate on the work of many research centres, individual research projects and engage in other collaborations.

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A history of SCYC MA theses

Thesis/research project title Graduated Student Supervisor
Non-Civilian/Civilian: A Canadian Youth Perspective of Growing Up in the Military Lifestyle. Jun-17 Tammy Tupper Sandrina de Finney
Aboriginal Fathers: Rebuilding out Identity. Fathers' and Practioners' Experiences in a Central Okanagan Aboriginal Father's Engagement Program. Jun-17 Wes McVey Jessica Ball
"We don't feel that Love": Retrospective Reflections on the Experiences of Removal Transitions and Trauma from Former Youth in Care. Nov-16 Angela Scott Jim Anglin
Reimaging Practicum in Twenty-First Century Child and Youth Care. Nov-16 Kim Ainsworth Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw
Practicum Education in Child and Youth Care. Nov-16 Michael Keough Doug Magnuson
Reading Between the (On)Lines: A Discursive Analysis of Self-Harming, Suicidal and Helper Subjectivities. Jun-16 Aubrey Baldock Jennifer White
Exploring the Healing effects of Yoga for Trauma in Children and Youth: The Stories of Yoga Instructors. Jun-16 Sarah Bonnell Daniel Scott
Responding Constructively to Young Children's Anxiety in Preschool Settings. Jun-16 Laura Gonzalez Carlos Jessica Ball
"Make Smart Choices!": Discourses of Girlhood Responsibilization in Cyber Safety Curricula. Jun-16 Cara Brand Sandrina de Finney
Teaching (with) Love: Relational Engagement in Educational Settings. Jun-16 Jennifer Vincent Jennifer White
Perspectives on capacity strengthening and co-learning in communities: Experiences of a community-based research steering committee. Jun-16 Heather Stringer Jessica Ball
Manufacturing marginalization: Parenting services from the perspective of parents with Mental Illness. Jun-16 Ginna Abramovitch Jessica Ball
Mentoring Through Collaboration and Reflective Practice: A Post-Diploma Course for Early Childhood. Nov-15 Jeanne Puritch Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw
Conceiving Women: Childbirth Ideologies in Popular Literature. Nov-15 Charie Toronchuk Sandrina de Finney
"Home and Native Land: A critical discourse analysis of Ontario Grade 7 History curriculum." Nov-15 Hayley Clausing Sandrina de Finney
'Because we want your family to keep flourishing': A critical discourse analysis of online Parenting Educational Materials. Nov-15 Teila Reynolds Sandrina de Finney
Preparing Mentors for Youth Community Arts Projects: Report and Orientation Manual. Nov-15 Sarah Bradley Jessica Ball
An Exploratory Study of Asian Immigrant Youths' Experiences of Settling into Canada with the Assistance of Youth Settlement Services. Nov-15 Yupei Xia Jessica Ball
Stories from the Spectrum: Connecting Knowledge about Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to Practice in Child and Youth Care. Nov-15 Amy Bishop Jessica Ball
What to Do? Mothers' Accounts of Their Children's Discretionary Time Use Jun-15 Anna Verspoor Marie Hoskins
What Makes a Father?: A Socially Constructed Dialogue on Gendered Masculinity Jun-15 Natalie Luchtmeyer Daniel Scott
Outdoor Adventure Youth Work: Bridging Child and Youth Care and Outdoor Adventure Jun-15 Emily Carty Doug Magnuson
Searching for a New Life: How Children Enter and Exit the Street in Indonesia Jun-15 Brenden Bentley-Taylor Sibylle Artz
Transitions: A Workbook for Mothers and Caregivers staying at the Victoria Women's Transition House and Companion Counsellor Guide Jun-15 Jessica Evans Daniel Scott
An Evaluation of Youth Transition Conferencing. Jun-15 Kimberly Rivers Doug Magnuson
Conceptualizing Self, Identity, and Subjectivity: Engagements with Theories and Theorists in Child and Youth Care. Nov-14 Scott Kouri Sandrina de Finney
What Can a Body Do?: Exploring Female Adolescent Sporting Bodies. Nov-14 Nicole Land Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw
Considerations for Implementing a Pediatric Integrative Medical Service. Nov-14 Izabela Bienko Daniel Scott
Community Agency Supervisors' Experiences with Supervisory Training and Supervision that Address the Knowledge and Skill Areas of Supervision in the Social Service Field Nov-14 Megan Brown Sibylle Artz
Exploring Ethnic Diversity and Multiculturalism in Child Protection Social Work in British Columbia. Nov-14 Heather Harper Doug Magnuson
Exploring Identity and Illness Narratives: Studying Young Women's Experience of Cystic Fibrosis. Jun-14 Kristy Petovello Jennifer White
A journey reconsidered: An autoethnographic exploration of a CYC international practicum placement. Jun-14 Lara Fraser Daniel Scott
The Dynamics that Underpin the overrepresentation of female young offenders in custody for administrative offences. Jun-14 Thais Amorim Sibylle Artz
An Evidence Based Better Practice Response to Juvenile Fire Setters. Nov-13 Kelly Peck Jessica Ball
Communication Exchanges: An examination of communication in individuals with non-verbal autism within self-contained classrooms. Nov-13 Melissa Ray Daniel Scott
Adolescence Spirituality in Counselling: Investigating Counsellors' Usage of Spirituality. Jun-13 Shemine Gulamhusein Daniel Scott
Effective Practices in Alternative Education for the Social Inclusion of Marginalized and Street-Involved Youth: An Integral Systems Perspective. Nov-12 Benjamin Geselbracht Marie Hoskins
Diversity in Practice: A Critical Exploration of Residential Care Practice with Minoritized Children and Youth. Nov-12 Mackenzie Dean Sandrina de Finney
Taking a Posthumanist Stand in CYC Ethics: An Ethical-Political Experiment. Nov-12 Angela Slade Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw
Mapping the journey: Executive transition planning with a non-profit agency. Nov-12 Todd Koverchuk Jennifer White
An Exploratory Study of the Therapeutic Alliance and Client Outcomes in a Voluntary Counselling Agency. Nov-12 Cynthia Lee Doug Magnuson
Rethinking "Foster Child" and the Culture of Care: A Rhizomatic Inquiry into the Multiple Becomings of Foster Care Alumni. Nov-12 Rebecca Corcoran Sandrina de Finney
Supporting Care-Giving Fathers: Fathers Perspectives of Work, Care and Msculinity. Nov-12 Nicola Elischer Jessica Ball
Resistance as Desire: Reconfiguring the "at-risk girl" Through Critical, Girl-centred Participatory Action Research. Jun-12 Elicia Loiselle Sandrina de Finney
A Narrative Inquiry: How Surrogate Mothers Make Meaning of Their Gestational Surrogacy Experience. Jun-12 Ann Fisher Marie Hoskins
Leaving the System: Stories of Transitioning Out of Care and the Road Ahead. Jun-12 Chelan McCallion Jennifer White
Taking Care in Child Protection: A Descriptive Account of Practices with Women Who Have Experienced Violence by Their Domestic Partners. Jun-12 Darcie Emerson Doug Magnuson
Community Level Interventions in Child and Youth Care Practice. Jun-12 Teri Derksen Sibylle Artz
Motives for Drinking, Alcohol Consumption and Alcohol-Related Consequences in a Vancouver Youth Sample. Jun-12 Kimberly McIntosh Gordon Barnes
Learning Through Play: Pilot Investigation on the Implementation of Landreth's and Bratton's Child Parent Relationship Therapy Training. Jun-12 Sherry-Lynn Lidemark Gordon Barnes
Activity-Oriented Approach in Child and Youth Care Intervention. Nov-11 Donna Damsgaard Sibylle Artz
Exploring the Possibilities of Learning Stories as a Meaningful Approach to Assessment in Nunavik. Nov-11 Carol Rowan Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw
Disruptin the All-Too-Human Body Through Art in Early Childhood Education and Care. Nov-11 Vanessa Clark Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw
e-sian: Youth Negotiating Asian in Racialized Online Groups on Facebook. Nov-11 Vi Nguyen Daniel Scott
The Other Side of Child Protection: The Lived Experiences of Front Line Child Protection Workers. Jun-11 Michael Gough Sibylle Artz
Acquired Brain Injury and Identity: Exploring Narrative Shifts Following Involvement in Multifamily Outdoor Adventure Program. Dec-10 Dave Segal Marie Hoskins
Working with Grief and Loss: A Facilitation Manual for Laichwiltach Family Life Society Dec-10 Ronda MacKenzie-Cooper Daniel Scott
Exploring the Discursive Limits of "Suicide" in the Classroom: A Foucauldian-Inspired Discourse Analysis of a School-Based Youth Suicide Prevention Program Nov-10 Jonathan Morris Jennifer White
How do School of Child and Youth Care Graduate Students Experience Gender Discussions in the Classroom? Sept-10 Tanya Druskee - Pawliuk Sibylle Artz
Capturing Youth Voices and Experience Within the Context of Suicide Postvention Aug-10 Linda Finlayson Jennifer White
Training Materials for a Critically Reflective Child Care Director's Community of Practice in Calgary Aug-10 Susan Garrow Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw
Aboriginal girls and sexual exploitation in a rural BC town: A Photovoice study Jun-10 Johanne Saraceno Sandrina de Finney
Exploring Youth and Practitioner Perspectives: Assessing the Needs of Sexually Exploited Youth in the Lower Mainland Jun-10 Kate Rudelier Jennifer White
Three Mother's Stories: Life experiences with violence, abuse, mental illness, and substance abuse. Jun-10 Mary Morrison Marie Hoskins
SLEWSTHET Series - A set of four children's books entitled: I am afraid. (spiritual), A Day With Al (physical), Going to Goldstream (emotional), and A Place for me (mental) Jun-10 Tracy Underwood Daniel Scott
Project Alive Referral Decision Tree Nov-09 Chris Cunin Sibylle Artz
High Risk Alcohol Consumption and Contraceptive Use By Young Women in the Greater Victoria Area. Nov-09 Julie Adams Gordon Barnes
Polysubstance Use and School Engagement: A Longitudinal Investigation Nov-09 Jennifer Zadorozniak Gordon Barnes
Child Protection as a Culture of Negotiation. Nov-09 Nathan Patten Doug Magnuson
Youth Voice in Integrated Case Management: What Helps and What Hinders? Nov-09 Mark Littlefield Doug Magnuson/Roy Ferguson
Inked Women: Narratives at the Intersection of Tattoos, Childhood Sexual Abuse, Gender and the Tattoo Renaissance. May-09 Ana-Elisa Armstrong de Almeida Sibylle Artz
Girls and Young Women in Zambia, Who Have Lost Their Parents to AIDS: Attachment and/or Resilience. May/09 Penelope Fenske Sibylle Artz/Daniel Scott
Social Support for New Mothers: An Exploration of New Mothers' Postpartum Experiences with Online and Offline Peer Support Environments May-09 Vali Hunting Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw
Emergent Management Tools for Aboriginal Early Childhood Development Programs in the Province of British Columbia. May-09 Coral Bowman Jessica Ball
Constructing a Life After Death: Writing My Younger Experiences of Grief and Loss Nov-08 Carys Cragg Daniel Scott
Building Bridges and Blurring Lines: The Value of Reflexivity in CYC-based Humanitarian Practice May-08 Kim Vradenburg Daniel Scott
Assessing Treatment for Men who Batter: A Review of the Literature May-08 Bill Wagg Jennifer White
Rising From the Ashes: Empowering Aboriginal Women Nov-07 Mary Burgaretta Daniel Scott
Even Now: Ongoing and Experiential Interpretations of Childhood Loss Nov-07 Janet Newbury Marie Hoskins
Challenges Facing Homeless Families in Greater Victoria: Past or Present Abuse, Mental Health Problems and Substance Misuse Issues May-07 Kim Caldwell Sibylle Artz
The Front-line Practitioner's Experience of Working with Children or Youth Engaged in Suicidal Behaviour May-07 Patricia Ranahan Roy Ferguson
Prevalence and Predictors of Tobacco use in Parental and Prenatal Environments May-07 Anna Kurcharski Gordon Barnes
Community-based Child Care Resource Assessment: The Case of Zomba District in Malawi May-07 Khama Chibwana Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw
Practitioners Working with Immigrant Families: A Training Manual May-07 Jan White Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw
Development of a Multi-Disciplinary Supervision Resource for the Maples Adolescent Treatment Centre May-07 Sonja Radmilovic Jim Anglin
Evaluation of Alberta Children's Services Delegation Training (2005 Pilot) May-07 Patricia Toland Sibylle Artz
Mothers Behind Bars: Defining and Redefining Self Nov-06 Ahna Berikoff Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw
Personality: Reasons for Drinking and Alcohol Consumption and Abuse Patterns Among Youth Nov-06 Sharon Burrows Gordon Barnes
Negotiations of Female Racialized Adolescent Identities: Investigating the Intersectionalities of Race, Gender and Sexuality through a Transnational Feminist Lens Nov-06 Erika Antl Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw
Preparing for Parenthood: The Significance of the Parent-Child Connection May-06 Randine Mariona Daniel Scott
A New Twist: Yoga Within the Stories of Youth Who are Street-Involved. May-06 Brooke Alsbury Daniel Scott
The Impact of Parent-Child Mother Goose: Mothers' Perceptions and Experiences of Singing to the Infants Ages 6-28 Months May-06 Deborah Weis Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw
Kneeling in the Forest: Therapist Negotiations with Hope and Despair May-06 Katrina Jenmorri Marie Hoskins
Youth Leading with their Hearts. May-06 Tracey Thompson Gordon Barnes
Who I am: An Exploration into the Development and Retention of Professional Identity in Child and Youth Care May-06 Angela Prescott Jim Anglin
Informative Study on Permanency Planning for Adolescents With Adoption as an Option May-06 Melanie Sims Sibylle Artz/ Roy Ferguson
Child and Youth Care Practitioners Meaning Making of Feminist Identities May-06 J. Nicole Little Marie Hoskins
Responsive Residential Treatment of Aggression: A Curriculum for the CYC Professional Dec-05 Rebecca Bernst Jim Anglin
Reframing the "A" Word: Front Line Worker Perceptions of Organizational Change and Personal Transitions Through the Process of Child and Family Services Accreditation Nov-05 Robert Bates Daniel Scott
The Effects of a Holistic Wilderness Camping Model Nov-05 Sean Lougheed Roy Ferguson
First Haven: A Resource for Counselling Children Residing in Transition Houses May-05 Gloria Hoban Marie Hoskins
Children and Loss: A Descriptive Exploratory Study of Bereaved Children’s Experience of Loss Following the Death of a Significant Adult May-05 Allyson Whiteman Jim Anglin/Daniel Scott
Victoria Home Instruction Program for Parents of Pre-school Youngsters (HIPPY) Supplementary Training Curriculum May-05 Danielle Smith Jessica Ball
Listening to the Self-Doubt Voice: What Do Child and Youth Care Practitioners Experience? May-05 Heather Sanrud Sibylle Artz
The Horse as Co-Therapist in Facilitating Adolescent Attachments May-05 John Rayment Sibylle Artz
A Personal Journey: A Therapeutic manual for Working with Women Who Have Experienced Childhood Trauma May-05 Denise Masson Jim Anglin
Building the Nests: Indigenous Language Revitalization in BC First Nations Using Early Childhood Immersion Programs May-05 Onowa Blue McIvor Jessica Ball
The Joy of Juvenile Joyriding May-05 Susie Girling Frances Ricks
Parents Interpret How They Socialize Their Pre-School-Aged Children to Learn Motor Skills May-05 Jamie Covey Frances Ricks
Curriculum Development Using Community Resources Nov-04 Wunesh Woldeselassie Alan Pence
The Impact of a Competitive Cheerleading Experience on the Development of Female Athletes Nov-04 Amanda Steinberger Roy Ferguson
Prevalence and Determinants of Adolescent Sexual Risk Behavior Nov-04 Christel Siperko Gordon Barnes
Developing an ECCD Teacher Training Curriculum in Lesotho as Part of a College Education Program Nov-04 Edith M. Sebatane Alan Pence
Promoting Wellness in Organizations Through an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Nov-04 Rhonda Schmitz Jim Anglin
Traditional Child Care Practices in Tanzania: Supplementing PLAN Training Programs Nov-04 Leoncia Nyeme Salakana Alan Pence
Indigenous Knowledge and Practices of Parents and Families Regarding Psychosocial Care for Children in Three Rural Communities in The Gambia: Implications for UNICEF Programming in IECD Nov-04 Jenieri B. Sagnia Alan Pence
Development of a Model Framework for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in their Early Years in Ghana Nov-04 Susan Sabaa Alan Pence
Incorporating Indigenous Stories of Basotho In An ECCD Programme At Leseli Community Centre Nov-04 Phaello Ntsonyane Alan Pence
Assessing the Influence of Different Early Childhood Development Models on Pre-School Children’s School Readiness in Kenya Nov-04 Samuel Ngaruiya Alan Pence
Policies and Programs in Support of Childcare for Working Families: A Case Study of Data Sets and Current Activities in Uganda Nov-04 Hilda Carolyne Nankunda Alan Pence
Professional Associations in Support of Child Well Being in Uganda: Establishment of ECD Newsletter Series Nov-04 Monica. R. Muheirwe Alan Pence
Improving Multisectoral Cooperation and Coordination in Support of Early Childhood Development Programs in Tanzania Nov-04 George A. Kameka Alan Pence
A Guide For Effective School and Parent Collaboration: A Cooperative Development and Delivery Approach Nov-04 Celestina Amauchechukwu Ibetoh Alan Pence
Involving Fathers in Early Childhood Care and Development Nov-04 Rosemary Hua Alan Pence
Improving the Quality of Childcare Through Parenting Enrichment and Training of Trainers: The Eritrean Model Nov-04 Abeba Habtom Alan Pence
Utilizing Indigenous Stories in the Promotion of Early Childhood Development Programs in Uganda Nov-04 Anne Barabogoza Gamurorwa Alan Pence
Integrating Indigenous Knowledge in ECD Training and Services Nov-04 Mgbechikwere Uche Ezirim Alan Pence
Parents’ and Other Caregivers’ Perception of Early Childhood Development Needs and Quality: A Study of the PLAN-Assisted Programmes in Bawjiase, Ghana Nov-04 Stella Etse Alan Pence
An Experiential and Educational parent Play Program Nov-04 Josie DeGreef Roy Ferguson
A Community-driven Rural Early Childhood Development (ECD) Project, With Emphasis on Culturally and Developmentally Appropriate Exploratory Learning Concepts Nov-04 Charlotte Day Alan Pence
Assessment of the Caring Practices in Two Motherless Babies’ Homes in Abia State, Nigeria and the Development and Delivery of a Nutrition Training Program to the Staff of these Homes to Improve Nutrition of Children in Their Care Nov-04 Olive Erinma Uzoamaka Akomas Alan Pence
The Status of Coordination and Supervision of Early Childhood Education in Ghana Nov-04 Margaret Amponsah Alan Pence
Pilot Study of the Adaptation of an Established Measure to Assess the Quality of Child Services in a Selected Orphanage in Zambia: The Inclusive Quality Assessment (IQA) Tool Nov-04 Margaret Abosede Akinware Alan Pence
Building Community Leadership for Quality Sustainability in Madrasa Preschools: The Case of Madrasa Preschools Post Graduation Support Nov-04 Asha Mohammed Ahmed Alan Pence
The Development of an Integrated Early Childhood Development Urban Model Training Program for Informal Minders and Community Volunteers in Ghana Nov-04 Felix Kwasi Agorsah Alan Pence
How Youth With ADHD Narrate Their Relationship with Marijuana May-04 Deborah Verkerk Marie Hoskins
Incorporating Research Into Practice: Exploring the Possibilities of Action Research for Child and Youth Care Practice May-04 Andrew Lochhead Jim Anglin
What is Measured Matters: A Textual Analysis of Screening and Intake Used with Youth May-04 Elaine Halsall Sibylle Artz
The Role of Leadership in the "Spotlight Campaign's" Community Mobilization May-04 Elizabeth Green Jim Anglin
Continuing the Parent Journey: Design and Assessment of a Group Intervention Strategy for Maltreating Parents May-04 Pearl Elliott Jim Anglin
How are the Voices of Parents as Clients Engaged and Incorporated INTD Multidisciplinary Collaborative Practice Within the Family Resource Program Model of Service Delivery? A Case Study May-04 Diana Bosworth Sibylle Artz
Inside Quality Assurance: Challenges and Opportunities for Application in Foster Care in B.C. Nov-03 Kelsea Lochhead Jim Anglin
Crossing the Tightrope - a Case Study of the Development of a Parenting Curriculum for Caregivers in Lao P.D.R. Nov-03 Lisa Albion Alan Pence
Alcohol Consumption and the Related Factors Among Chinese Youth in Inner Mongolia May-03 Ming Ao Gordon Barnes
The Practice of Self-Awareness: Exploring the Meaning of Self-Awareness as a Professional Process May-03 Shelley Weingart Marie Hoskins
Managing Visibility: the Process of Managing Equity Issues for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Two-Spirited, and Transgender People in an Academic Environment Nov-02 Silvia Vilches Frances Ricks
The Existential Meaning of Recovery Nov-02 Bruce Muir Marie Hoskins
Parents’ Experiences of Children’s Residential Care May-02 Robin Pike Frances Ricks
Healthy Young Children: From Knowledge to Community Action May-02 Nancy McInnes Jessica Ball
A Mediated Me: An Autoethnographic Study of Self, Body and Media May-02 Kristy Dellebuur Marie Hoskins
Exploring Human Service Practitioners’ Community Work Nov-01 Anne Field Gordon Barnes
Searching for, Finding, and Experiencing Friendship: a Qualitative Study of Friendship Experiences of Seven Young Adults with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or Fetal Alcohol Effects Nov-01 Brenda Copeland Laurene Shields
Unlearning Colonialism: An Aboriginal Experience in Education as the Practice of Freedom May-01 Judith Boulter Alan Pence
A Child’s "Terminal Illness": An Analysis of Text Mediated Knowing May-01 Nancy Bell
Perspectives of Mothers With Developmental Disabilities: the Same Dreams, the Same Goals, the Same Disappointments Nov-00 Kelly Fells
Dropping in on School Administrators: Conversations Regarding "At-Risk" Youth and Administrative Decision Making Nov-00 Patti Anderson
A Grounded Theory of Conflict Between Child Care Counsellors and Adolescents in a Juvenile Justice Facility May-00 Lesley Woodman
First Nations’ Perspective on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome/Fetal Alcohol Effects May-00 Dolores Osborne
The Social Ecology of Malawi Orphans Nov-99 Christopher Okumu Philip Cook
Applying a Child Rights Perspective in B.C.’s Capital Health Region: Participatory Action Research in Child and Youth Health Care Nov-99 Richard Mitchell
Towards a Meaning of Relationship and School Based Child and Youth Care Work Nov-99 Judith Mazzocchi
Interplay of Online and Onground Realities: Internet Research on Youth Experiences Online Nov-99 Mechthild Maczewski
Northern Communities in Transition: Changes Related to Flood Agreements in Two First Nations Communities in Northern Manitoba Nov-99 Rubina Kirkness Frances Ricks
A Case Study of Two Foster Parents and Their Experience Providing Care for Difficult Children: A Phenomenological Study Nov-99 Kelli Kienas
No Exceptions: The Right to be Treated with Dignity and Respect in Youth Custody Facilities in British Columbia Nov-99 Monica Jobe
First Nations Health Transfer: Challenges and Opportunities. May-99 Lisa Montgomery Reid
Teenage Native Suicide: A Qualitative Study. A Report on the Perceptions of First Nation Communities Services by Awasis Agency of Northern Manitoba May-99 Rose McKay
Against the Odds: A Phenomenological Study that Examines the Academic Success of At Risk Youth. May-99 Michelle Koroll
Utilisation-focused Evaluation of a Youth-Led Health Promotion Conference May-99 Brian Hill
The Road to Integration: A Personal Account and Analysis of the Process Leading to the Establishment of the Ministry for Children and Families in British Columbia Nov-98 Mary Lynne Rimer
The Learning Needs of Aboriginal People and Implications for Educational Programming Nov-98 Nancy Martin
Northern Manitoba First Nations’ Perceptions of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome/Fetal Alcohol Effects and Methods to Ameliorate These Conditions Nov-98 Robert LaFontaine
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in the Canadian Press: A Discourse Analysis Nov-98 Anna-Maria Huber
A Fire in My Heart: A Story About Early Childhood Educators of British Columbia Nov-98 Linda McDonell
Somatic Gene Therapy: Feminist Responses to Ominous Challenges Nov-98 Bev Boisseau
Self Awareness in Ethical Decision Making for Child and Youth Care Workers May-98 Iris Elsdon
Creating Reserve Land in Thompson, Manitoba under a Treaty Land Entitlement Agreement: A Management Plan for the Awasis Agency of Northern Manitoba and Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak Inc. Nov-97 Andrew Thomas
A Community Development Plan to Create a Community Based First Nations Child and Family Service Agency Nov-97 Walter Spence
Strength From Each Other: Diabetes Management Approaches From a First Nations Perspective Nov-97 Suzanne Pearson-Mozdzen Gordon Barnes
In Pursuit of a Model of Conflict Resolution: First Nations Family Justice Nov-97 David Monias
Sexual Abuse in First Nations Perspective Nov-97 Verna Ironstar
A Study of Decreasing Solvent Use in a First Nation Community Nov-97 Greg Fidler
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: A Report on the Legacy of Abuse Among the Sayisi Dene Nov-97 Jesse Duck
First Nations Perspective on Leadership: A Report on the Perceptions of First Nation Communities Services by Awasis Agency of Northern Manitoba Nov-97 Thelma Bland
Child Neglect From the Standpoint of Mothers May-97 Fay Weller
Understanding the Essence of the Relationship Between Big and Little Brothers and Sisters: A Phenomenological Study May-97 Marney Thompson
The Relationship of Perceptions of Interaction and Learning Style to Learner Satisfaction in Distance Education May-97 Iain Stuart
The Voices of Our Youth: A Report on the Perceptions of First Nation Youth Served by Awasis Agency of Northern Manitoba May-97 Lori Oberdorfer
The Faith Community as Extended Family: The Influence of Shared Spiritual Values as Experienced by Baha’i Families in the Cowichan Valley May-97 Ken Cooper
The Historical Alternative: Learning Organization Practice in Child and Family Services May-97 Gerard Bellefeuille
An Exploration of the Roles and Functions of Child and Youth Care Practitioners Within the British Columbia Public School System Nov-96 Duane Seibel
Student Sponsor-Educator Relationships During Early Childhood Education Practicum Nov-96 Judy Pollard
Crown Counsels and Therapists: A Work Relationship and Its Influences on the Child Witness. Nov-96 Judith Marshall
Personality Dimensions and Alcoholism: Patterns of Pre-treatment Consumption and Treatment Outcome in a Clinical Sample Nov-96 Robert Anderson
Evaluation Framework for the Development of an Alternative Form of Education for Marginalized Youth in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Nairobi, Kenya Nov-95 Jacqueline McAdam
Child Protection as Support. May-95 Sheila Wallace
Survivors of High Risk Backgrounds: Resilient or Codependent? Nov-94 Kay Armstrong
A Descriptive Study of the Impact of Foster Children on the Marital Relationship of Foster Parents. Nov-93 Audrey Kruisselbrink
Alberta Families’ Selection of Child Care Arrangements: A Descriptive Study. Nov-93 Margo Greenwood-Church
Effects of Parent Education on Attitudes, Styles and Stress Levels Associated with the Task of Parenting. Nov-92 Lis Upton
Professionalizations of Child and Youth Care in British Columbia: A Case Study. Nov-90 Leanne Rose
The Ethical Behaviour of Residential Child and Youth Care Workers: An Exploratory Study. Nov-89 Denise Van Amsterdam
Canadian Child Day Care: Translating Research into Policy. May-87 Sandra Griffin
The Evaluation of Distance Education Technologies Used in the Delivery of an Introductory University Credit Course in Child Care. May-86 Ralph Strong
A history of SCYC PhD theses
Thesis title Graduated Student Supervisor
Narrative Evaluating of a Community-based Child Care Resource Assessment: The Case of Zomba District Malawi Nov-16 Khama Chibwana Daniel Scott
Community-Based Responses to Youth Offending: Politics, Policy and Practice Under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. Jun-16 Lorinda Stoneman Sibylle Artz
Unsettling encounters with 'natural' places in early childhood education Jun-15 Fikile Nxumaol Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw
(Re)storying Dolls and Cars: Gender and Care with Young Children Jun-15 B Denise Hodgins Jessica Ball
Making Space for Disruption in the Education of Early Childhood Educators. Nov-14 Kathleen Kummen Alan Pence
Songs of Existence: Sons of Freedom Doukhobors within Time. Jun-14 Ahna Berikoff Marie Hoskins
Contextualizing Care: Alternatives to the Individualization of Struggles and Support. Nov-12 Janet Newbury Marie Hoskins
The Resourcing Experience of Children Attending Individualized Tri-Phasic Trauma Therapy. Jun-12 Rochelle Lohrasbe Sibylle Artz
Exposure of Children to Early Childhood Development Programs and Subsequent School Entry and Grade Progression Within Broader Contexts of the Home Environment in Uganada. Jun-12 Jolly Nyeko Alan Pence
Negotiating Duality: A Framework for Understanding the Lives of Street-involved Youth. Nov-11 Stephanie Griffin James Anglin
"I will let my art speak out": Visual narrations of Youth Combating Intolerance. Nov-10 (JN) Cole Little Daniel Scott
An Inquiry into Child and Youth Care Narratives of experience in Children's Mental Health Treatment. Nov-10 Ron Solinski Marie Hoskins
It's About Us!: Racialized Minority Girls' Transformative Engagement in Feminist Participatory Action Research. Nov-07 Sandrina de Finney Jessica Ball
Youth as Nexus: A Networked Perspective. Understanding How Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Matter to Youth. May-07 Mechthild Maczewski Marie Hoskins & P. Storey
Exploring the Process of Change in British Columbia Social Services 1991-2001: The Benefits of Hindsight. May-06 Bruce Hardy Roy Ferguson
Visions of Community: A "Seventh Moment" Critical Phenomenological Study. Dec-05 Gerard Bellefeuille Frances Ricks
No Turning Back: A Phenomenological Inquiry into Women's Experience of Voice. May-05 Jennifer Charlesworth Frances Ricks
The Unencumbered Moment and Life Change. May-05 Kevin Allan Murray Sibylle Artz
Becoming Metis: The Relationship Between the Sense of Metis Self and Cultural Stories. May-05 Catherine Richardson Alan Pence
Handicapped Children’s Services: Policy, Practice and Implementation – An Analysis. Nov-00 Cheryl Crocker Roy Ferguson
Exploring Children’s Emerging Conceptions of the Participation Rights and Responsibilities. Nov-99 Ellen Murray (Interdisc.) Philip Cook
How Does Love Grow? Attachment Processes in Older Adoptees and Foster Children as Illustrated by Fictional Stories. May-99 Sheila Haegert (Interdisc.) Frances Ricks
Redefining Student Success: Learning from Nontraditional Learners Nov-98 Jean Campbell Jim Anglin
An Exploration of Experiences of Extreme Abuse Nov-96 Grant Charles Roy Ferguson
The Effective Child and Youth Care Intervention: A Phenomenological Inquiry. May-96 Thom Garfat Frances Ricks
Attitudes, Values, and Beliefs of Personnel Serving Persons with Disabilities: A Research to Practice Challenge. May-95 Ian Thumlert (Interdisc.) Roy Ferguson

The Unit for Early Years Research and Development, formerly the Unit for Child Care Research and Professional Development (UCCR), focuses on the importance of leadership and local engagement in support of diversity and social equity in the early years.

The unit was founded in 1992 (as the UCCR) and has undertaken over 60 research and development projects worth over 12 million dollars. At present, the unit focuses on promoting early years system changes from practice to policy levels through projects that extend from British Columbia, Canada to international locations, including a major and longstanding commitment to Africa.

Common World Childhoods Research Collective

The Common World Childhoods Research Collective has a new website:​  The Research Collective is an interdisciplinary network of researchers (including faculty and graduate students from SCYC) concerned with children’s relations with the more-than-human world. Members work across the fields of childhood studies, early childhood education, children’s geographies, environmental education, and Indigenous and environmental humanities.​ 

The purpose of the Needs Assessment for Youth project, funded by the National Crime Prevention Centre, was to develop a gender-sensitive needs assessment tool for supporting at-risk girls and young women.

The tool was expected to meet the following criteria:

  • be designed in a way that is simple and easy to use
  • include questions that are not presently being asked
  • improve workers' understanding of at-risk girls' needs
  • result in better planning to meet the needs of at-risk girls
ECDIP logo

We are pleased to announce a report by Dr. Jessica Ball: "Early Childhood Care and Development Programs as Hook and Hub: Promising Practices in First Nations Communities."

In 2002, several First Nations in British Columbia expressed interest in a follow-up study of how their investments in childcare training and programs were impacting the quality of life in their communities.

These First Nations had all partnered with the School of Child and Youth Care for the co-delivery of our community-based diploma program in child and youth care (CYC), and the cohort of First Nations students had completed the two-year program in 1999 (see the First Nations Partnership Programs site for a description of this diploma program).

Social Development Partnerships Canada (formerly HRDC) and the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development funded a study of what First Nations graduates of a community-based diploma program in early childhood care and development are doing now, and the services that have been created in their communities for children and families.

The research focused on three forward-thinking groups of First Nations communities: Lil’wat Nation, Tl’azt’en Nation, and five First Nations represented by Treaty 8 Tribal Association in British Columbia.

First Nations graduates formed part of the team that completed the study this year as a community-university partnership project. The exciting achievements in these communities, the challenges they have faced, and recommendations for supporting community driven service capacity are highlighted in the report.

The research pointed to some key factors that have enabled:

  • Unprecedented high rates of post-secondary completion
  • Successful transitions from education to relevant work
  • Creation of new programs for children and families
  • Incorporation of Indigenous knowledge in the design and delivery of programs

Findings about the evolution of services in these communities suggest that children’s programs can serve as a "hook" to attract and bring families together, and a "hub" around which many other supports for family health and well-being can be provided locally, in a family-centred atmosphere of caring and cultural safety.

The findings also highlighted community diversity. Administrators and program staff were adept at developing services that are community-fitting. The timing of developing service capacity was also emphasized. Services for children and families need to be both community-based and community-paced.

To receive a copy of the report or suggest an individual or organization who would benefit from receiving a copy, please contact Jessica Ball at 250-472-4128, or .

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Journeys: Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Practices through Pedagogical NarrationBy Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw, Fikile Nxumalo, Laurie Kocher, Enid Elliot, and Alejandra Sanchez


Father Involvement in Canada: Diversity, Renewal, and Transformation, Edited by Jessica Ball and Kerry Daly is now available through UBC Press.

Father Involvement
Crime Prevention and Community Safety for Children and Youth in Canada, Edited by Michel Vallée and Tullio Caputo is now available through the UVic bookstore for $26.95 plus shipping and handling. It has been produced with sponsorship and support from the University of Victoria’s School of Child and Youth Care ( and the International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies(

Flows, Rhythms, and Intensities of Early Childhood Education Curriculum,

Edited by: Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw

From UBC Press (October 2011), Child and Youth Care: Critical perspectives on pedagogy, practice and policy Edited by Alan Pence and Jennifer White (SCYC faculty members).

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Congratulations to Sheila Porteous, current SCYC undergraduate student, for successful publication in the journal Relational Child and Youth Care Practice. The abstract of the article, entitled "Working in the Youth Criminal Justice System," can be viewed online look for Vol. 22 #2 Summer 2009.

International Handbook of Education for Spirituality, Care and Wellbeing, edited by M. de Souza, L. J. Francis, J. O'Higgins-Norman, and D. Scott.

This book explores the dynamic relationship between education and wellbeing. It examines the theory underpinning the practice of education in different societies where spirituality and care are believed to be at the heart of all educational experiences. The book recognizes that, regardless of the context or type of educational experience, education is a caring activity in which the development of the whole person - body, mind and spirit - is a central aim for teachers and educators in both formal and informal learning.


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