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Photo of audience during a Learning and Development course.
Participants in a Project Management course offered through HR Learning & Development.
Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.
― Abigail Adams

HR programs and courses

Learning and Development offers a variety of courses, certificates and programs to support you in your personal professional development.

Our courses are free for all permanent fulltime and part-time staff.

Note: a fast code is required at time of registration and fees only applied for last minute cancellations. View our cancellation policy for more information.

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HR learning opportunities and programs

Certificate Programs

HR Learning and Development courses can be taken individually however, we have also combined a variety of our courses into certificate programs designed for staff, new to or aspiring supervisors, supervisors and managers.

Apply for a certificates below:

How to complete a certificate:

  • These certificates are designed to be taken over a couple of years as your schedule permits and courses are offered
  • Courses can be taken in any order
  • Track your courses on the certificate course tracking forms listed below
  • Ensure you have completed the above application
  • Finally, submit your reflection paper to claremal@uvic.ca. See blow for more details.

Certificate course tracking form

The forms listed below are to assist you in keeping track of each course you have completed as well as providing a space for notes for each course. We recommend you use the notes section as it will aid you in writing your reflection paper once you have completed all the required courses.

Reflection paper requirements

Upon completion of all the courses pertaining to your certificate, we ask that you submit a reflection paper to summarize the following:

  • What you learned - Reflect on the different courses taken and two or three points that were learned that were helpful or created an insight or gave you a new skill or confirmed that you were on the right track. Also any observations about how the content in the courses complimented each other (course to course)
  • How did you apply learning - Tell about some ways you used the new skills or knowledge (ie. communication and creativity or managing conflict etc) or one particular set of skills. Tell a story of what you did and what happened and what was different/useful about using this learning
  • Conclude with your plans for application of the skills going forward. What is your intention for continued application of learning

Note: the paper should be 8-10 pages double spaced in 12 font.

Manager's "how to" series

This series of workshops will help managers and those in leadership roles in understanding university specific systems, processes and tools. The series has six main categories, with a range of topics within each:

Audience: Those currently in supervisory, management and leadership roles at UVic.

Duration: Topics in this series will run 2-3 hours on the 4th Thursday of every month.

Facilitators: Our own members of the campus community, and experts in their field, will be leading the sessions.

Schedule: The series will run the 4th Thursday of the month. Please see our learning and development training calendar for the list of dates and sessions and to register.

Limited seats are available.

Note: the next set of sessions are currently being planned for spring 2014 - stay tuned!


Understanding the university culture and governance.

  • Connecting Your Work to the First Year Student Experience
  • University 101 - How the University Works and the Larger Context of post-Secondary Education
  • Greening UVic – Sustainability Initiatives at UVic
  • Understanding The Framework Agreement
  • University Communication – Practical Tips and Tools for Communicating in the University Environment
  • Integrated Planning Process
  • External Relations and our Connection to the Community

Promoting human rights and equity

  • Implementing an Inclusive and Respectful Workplace:  Roles and Responsibilities of Managers
  • Helping People Talk about Mental Health in the Workplace (removing the stigma)
  • Intercultural Communication

People management

  • Recruitment Process
  • Job Evaluation
  • Best Practices in Staff Recruitment
  • Expectations of Employees and Supervisors
  • Introduction to Performance Planning and Review Process
  • How to Ensure Accommodation and Return to Work – Works Well
  • Working within a Unionized Environment
  • Legal Aspects of the Employment Relationship
  • Attendance/Absence Management

Finance management

  • Understanding the Budgeting System and Various Accounting aspects
  • Understanding University Finances – differentiating between operating, ancillary, capital, research and endowment funds
  • Travel and other business expenses

UVic specific tools

  • Brand Guidelines and the Style Guide: Best practices for publications, email and the web
  • Internet Initiatives and Web Strategies Including Social Media
  • Outlook Calendar and Email Management

Critical issues

  • Dealing with Disaster: Preparedness, Response and Support
  • Manager’s Responsibility for Health and Safety of Staff 
  • Legal Issues that Affect Universities
  • Access and Privacy - Best Practices
  • Records Management& Responsibility
  • Information Security

Mentoring program

This program is designed to promote professional and personal development.

We establish a relationship between two staff members that provides informal guidance, coaching, knowledge-sharing and enhanced understanding of the University of Victoria environment.

The program is run with a cohort of approximately 20 participants each year and is open to all staff. Participation in the program is by application or invitation only. 

The program starts in the fall and is six months in duration. It will include a mix of scheduled events and flexibility for pairs to meet on their own.

Please note:

  • At least one pairing will be reserved for members of a designated group as defined by the University Equity Policy.
  • All staff are encouraged to apply. Priority will be given to those in regular appointments.
  • Deadline for applications is October 17, 2014.

Matching process

We realize that getting the right partner is a critical success factor in the mentoring experience. For that reason, we ask prospective mentees to fill out an application to assess their needs.

Based on the information in the application form and subsequent conversations with the mentee, we will then invite a specific staff member to act as their mentor.

Prospective mentors can put in an expression of interest to participate in the program by emailing .


Mentee benefits

  • Expand personal and professional network on campus.
  • Gain an increased understanding and awareness about UVic and the careers available here.
  • Creation of a safe sounding board for ideas or issues.
  • Receive positive and constructive feedback on personal and professional development issues in a confidential setting.
  • Gain new perspective on ways to increase development and growth at UVic.
  • Increase confidence.
  • Higher job satisfaction and engagement in work.

Mentor benefits

  • Opportunity to grow coaching and listening skills.
  • Investment in the development of future leaders.
  • Transfer expertise to others.
  • Gain insights into other areas of UVic, how they work and how they approach issues.
  • Higher job satisfaction and engagement in work.
  • Pride in own skill set and attributes.

UVic benefits

  • Positive impact on retention and recruitment.
  • Promotes a welcoming environment.
  • Supports career and succession planning.
  • Engages equity groups, concepts and goals.
  • Increases communication across the organization using non-hierarchical pathways.
  • Develops talent.
  • Increases job satisfaction for mentors and mentees.


For more information on the program contact:

Tonya Said-Wilson
Human Resources Consultant

Phone 250-721-8090

Self learning guides

Used with permission from York University, these self-paced self learning guides are designed to support individual learning and development for staff members.

These guides provide resources, tips and tools for those with hectic schedules who may not be able to attend courses and/or wanting to refresh skills.

Self learning Guides include:

Additional tips and tools include:

Campus learning opportunities and programs

External learning opportunities and programs

Center for Higher Education Research and Development (CHERD)

The university currently sponsors leaders to attend Centre for Higher Education Research and Development (CHERD).

Information on CHERD:

Application process:

  • Please use the application form and return to UVic Human Resources.
  • Please do not apply directly to the University of Manitoba.
  • Program fees are shared between your VP/president and your department budget.
  • Consult with your vice-president/president with respect to funding arrangements and approval for the costs of these programs before sending your application to Human Resources.

For more information on this program contact:

Barbara Hogan
Manager, OD and Learning Services
Human Resources

Tel: 721-8088

Leadership Victoria

The University of Victoria sponsors two participants in Leadership Victoria every year.

For more information on this program contact:

Barbara Hogan
Manager, OD and Learning Services
Human Resources
Tel: 250-721-8088

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