Work experience

UVic biology student Chida Henry
UVic biology student Chida Henry spent four months working for the Environmental Women in Action for Development (EWAD), an NGO operating out of Entebbe, Uganda that provides support to impoverished local communities.

Learning beyond the classroom

Classroom learning is just one piece of the puzzle - at UVic, you'll be challenged to learn in new and dynamic ways. Complement your academic studies with serious hands-on work experience through the co-op program or a practicum, test your boundaries by traveling overseas on an international exchange, or embark on a field school adventure with students from around the world.

Take part in co-operative education (co-op)

One in three UVic students takes part in the extremely popular Co-operative Education Program. As a co-op student, you'll alternate terms in school with terms in a job related to your program. On average, co-op students earn close to $2,900 CAD per month and graduate with up to 16 months of work experience. Learn about our co-op programs. You could work locally, nationally or in one of 40 countries with employers such as

  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • BMW
  • United Nations
  • Ballard Power Systems
  • Government of BC
  • Canada-Hawaii-France Telescope Project
  • Parks Canada
  • Hewlett-Packard

Field schools

Wade knee-deep into research at field schools, including the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre—one of the best facilities on the planet for coastal marine research.

The I-witness Holocaust Field School in Central Europe invites you to explore how the sights, memories and history of the Holocaust have been preserved at historical sites, museums and monuments.

The Colonial Legacies Field School invites you to experience firsthand the impacts of colonial histories on everyday life in northeastern rural South Africa. The three-week field school includes visits to a unique third-generation women’s farming collective.

The Redfish School of Change is an interactive and experiential field school for students interested in food security, ecological sustainability and social equity.

Career planning

Co-op and Career Services have put together three professional kits to help you evaluate your career-launching skill sets: