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Breezy Beaudry
Learn about Breezy's experience conducting high-altitude research on Mount Everest.

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UVic students come from everywhere, and UVic students go everywhere!

Whether you're arriving in Canada for the first time or have lived here all your life, there are lots of opportunities to infuse your UVic education with an international edge.

Support for international students

As an international student at UVic, you'll learn all about Canadian culture while getting a world-class education. But more than that, you'll be able to bring your unique perspective into the conversation and help the people around you grow and change.

  • Sign up for the International Student Welcome, held every September as part of UVic Orientation.
  • Take advantage of activities offered by the UVic Global Community, including the Conversation Partners, Mentorship and Holiday Dinner programs.
  • Access services available from the International Commons in the McPherson Library.

Learn how we support inbound international students throughout your time at UVic.

Exchange, work and study programs

Some students take a year off between high school and university to travel abroad, but why not do both? Participate in one of our many international programs, and you can see the world while gaining credit toward your degree.

Explore the international opportunities available to every UVic student.

Student international stories from MyUVic Life

World Partnership Walk

June 13, 2017
Would it be surprising if I said that UVic is still alive during the summer? That there are students everywhere and eventshappening almost every day? The summer brings with it wonderful weather and, while there are less students present, the heart of the community...
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