Applied: next steps

There are still lots of things to think about after you submit your application, including checking your status, applying for housing and reviewing your options for financial aid.

You'll need your UVic student number (which you will receive after applying), but you don't need to wait for an offer of admission.

Check your application status

If you applied online, you will receive your UVic student number by email within several days. If you submitted a paper application, you will receive your UVic student number via email or mail when your admission contact processes the form. Once you have your student number, you can check your application status online.

Create your Netlink ID

A NetLink-ID is a unique personal identifier which is used as your "username" for various services provided by the University of Victoria (including your email address).

Sign up for your Netlink-ID and use it to access the MyPage student portal, apply for housing and scholarships, and register for courses.

Apply for on-campus housing

Visit the Residence Services website to learn more about your options, and use your UVic Netlink-ID to apply for fall housing. A spot in residence is guaranteed for all first-year students entering directly from high school.

Applications for on-campus housing open on March 2 and close on June 30, and we encourage students to apply as soon as possible. You don't need to wait until you've received an offer of admission.

Apply for scholarships and financial aid

Visit the Student Awards & Financial Aid website to review opportunities for financial aid. Keep in mind that entrance scholarships, bursaries and loans all require separate applications.

Students who report their grades during the self-reporting period (February 15 - March 31) will be automatically considered for GPA-based entrance scholarships. Scholarships with specific criteria are also available, and students must apply for these opportunities between February 1 and May 1.