Admitted, what's next?

I've received an offer of admission - what do I do next?

Congratulations on your admission to the University of Victoria.  You’re about to become part of a fantastic campus community and rewarding academic environment. Following the steps below will help you to prepare for your UVic experience but if you have any questions along the way you're encouraged to get in touch.

Next steps

Let us know whether you plan to attend UVic

Once you have received your admission letter in the mail, let us know if you plan to accept our offer using the on-line confirmation form.

If your offer of admission is conditional, you must meet all stated conditions prior to the first day of classes. Refer to the Admission Summary on the back of your offer letter for all the important details.

If you have been admitted to a first-year program at UVic you may be able, under certain circumstances, to defer your admission until the following September. All requests are handled on a case-by-case basis; see the information on deferring your admission for details and deadlines.

Pay your acceptance deposit

As soon as you decide that you will definitely be registering at UVic, you must submit a $200 acceptance deposit. For payment options, visit Accounting Services.  Your deposit must have been received by the Tuition Fee Office by June 1 in order to receive access to the course registration system on your assigned registration date. This deposit is non-refundable; however, it will be credited toward your tuition fees.

Register for a Netlink ID

Before you can register, you will need to sign up for a UVic Netlink account, which will serve as both your UVic email account and access to the MyPage portal. Your course registration date and time will only be available through MyPage, so make sure that you've set up your Netlink ID well ahead of the course registration period.

Apply for scholarships and financial aid

Review the financial aid options available to you. Keep in mind that entrance scholarships, bursaries, and loans all require separate applications and may have different deadlines.

Apply for on-campus housing

If you want to live in residence and haven't already applied for on-campus housing, be sure to apply as soon as possible.

Test your writing skills

Most undergraduate students enrolled in a degree program at UVic are required to complete a 1.5 unit Academic Writing Requirement-designated course, unless indicated otherwise on your offer letter. Read all the details and then take the self-placement questionnaire to figure out which courses are best suited to your level of proficiency in written English.

Write the math pretest (if applicable)

If you plan to register in a math course and have not previously completed grade 11/12 math through a Canadian curriculum high school, it is likely that you will need to write a pretest to demonstrate that you have met the prerequisite. The Mathematics and Statistics Department conducts pretests during September. In some cases, specific transfer credit may also meet a prerequisite.

Register for courses

In late May, a pre-registration email will be sent to you with details about registering for courses and accessing your registration date for the upcoming fall and winter terms. If you're unsure of what courses to take or how to structure your schedule, you can get academic advice to help you plan your degree and ensure that you meet program requirements.

Sign up for an orientation

Every fall UVic offers a range of orientation programs to welcome incoming students to campus and introduce them to to the services and opportunities available to UVic students. It's an easy way to connect with the campus community and make new friends.

Additional steps and information for international students

The International Office provides pre-arrival support, orientation on arrival and ongoing assistance for international students who have been approved to study at UVic.  For more information on how best to prepare for your studies, visit the following pages: