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Dylan Collins, 2014 Rhodes Scholar and UVic graduate

Dylan Collins, 2014 Rhodes Scholar

"At UVic everyone is thinking, everyone I know is engaged and interested in improving the world. It's a culture of community, caring and general moral force where you'll be challenged to do something greater."

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Tania Akter, UVic software engineering student

Tania Akter, Software Engineering

"People at UVic make you feel like you truly belong here. It's a tight community and the perfect size for anyone who wants to do well at university."

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Andrew Hendrickson, UVic kinesiology student and varsity athlete

Andrew Hendrickson, Kinesiology

"The reason UVic is one of the best universities in Canada is because it's filled with people with an insatiable urge to be better, smarter, stronger and willing to go that extra step to find out what the answers to the really big questions are."

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Ricky Watts, UVic psychology student

Ricky Watts, Psychology

"UVic is like a big smorgasbord—your quest for knowledge is your appetite. You arrive hungry, with nothing but an empty plate and a huge buffet of classes, activities, sports and Indigenous events to choose from."

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Yulianna Shirokaya, UVic business student

Yulianna Shirokaya, Business

"UVic is full of opportunity. People here are accepting of everyone and value cultural diversity in a way that I've never experienced before."

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It's impossible not to shine in a community of sweeping imaginations and achieved goals. When all is said and done, the heart of your UVic degree will be an education in citizenship, flexibility, diverse opinions, adventure, research and a balanced lifestyle. And we can't wait for you to start.