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Confidential shredding

The Waste Reduction Unit will pick up confidential shredding in standardized boxes only.

Paper supply boxes (preferred) and Bankers-style boxes (see example below) will be accepted.

The pick-up charge per box is $8.50. Non-standard boxes will not be picked up.

Paper Supply Boxes & Bankers' Style Boxes

Shredding over 20 boxes

If you have more than 20 boxes of confidential shredding, please send a service request for a 64-gallon locked tote. One tote on average can handle up to five boxes worth of paper.

The waste reduction unit will deliver and pick up these totes at your convenience. The pick-up charge per tote is $42.50.

Confidential shredding totes need to be returned within one week of delivery as we are limited in the amount of totes we give out to the campus community.

64-gallon locked tote

Preparing materials for shredding

Please help use "sort it out" by removing all bindings, CDs, floppy disks and plastic so that it can be recycled appropriately.

Accessing shredding services

Confidential shredding services can be accessed by raising a FMIS self-serve request.