When to register

Learn how to check your registration date and time on My page.

Find your registration date and time

  • To ensure you have the best possible course selection, make sure you register on your assigned date and time
The registration date and time message will be sent to the email address you set as 'Preferred' in your My page 'Personal Profile'. To ensure that this important email is not caught in your spam filter, we recommend that you add "@uvic.ca" to your email safe senders

The steps

  1. Log in to My page
  2. In 'Student Services' under the 'Registration' tab, select 'Registration status'
  3. Select an upcoming session to see

    • Registration date in the "From" column
    • Registration time (Pacific Standard Time - PST) in the "Begin Time" column
    • Whether there is a hold on your account that will stop you from being able to register
    • Program details including Faculty, Department and Major

Registration order

The number of students eligible to register each day is limited to streamline registration, and you will not be able to access the system prior to your assigned date and time. All students will register in order by GPA, as follows:

  1. First-year entering scholarship, exchange students
  2. New year 1 students
  3. Years 5 and 4
  4. Diploma students (includes students in BEd programs who have completed their professional year) and graduate students
  5. Year 3
  6. Non-degree students
  7. Years 2 and 1
  8. Visiting and exploratory studies

Students on probation will be assigned the same day as the rest of the students in their year but will be given the last registration time available on their registration date.

What year am I in?

Your admission/authorization year level is displayed on your Letter of Admission and on My page

Below 12 units First Year
12 to 26.5 units Second Year
27 to 41.5 units Third Year
42 units or above Fourth Year (four-year programs)
42 to 56.5 units Fourth Year (five-year programs)
57 units or above Fifth Year (five-year programs)

Why can't I register for courses?

You will not able to register using My page if you:

  • Have been admitted for the first time, but have not paid your $200 acceptance deposit. How to pay your acceptance deposit.
  • Have outstanding financial obligations at UVic.
  • Have a hold on your academic record (View holds).
  • Are a first year student in the Faculty of Law, because registration is completed by Undergraduate Records (applies to winter registration only).
  • Are an auditor. How to audit a course.
  • Were a previous UVic student but have not registered at UVic for more than one calendar year - a reregistration application is required.
  • Are a student who has not met minimum academic standing continuation requirements.

Registration help                                                                                   

Having trouble with course registration?

Contact the UVic Registration Helpline. We are open 8:30am-4pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 9:30am-4pm on Wednesday.