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Accelerate COVID-19 recovery through research

Research plays a vital role in solving the world’s big challenges. This includes how our communities respond to COVID-19. UVic’s Research Accelerator Fund (RAF) is a seed fund that will support and boost research at our university. You can affect meaningful change by investing directly in research that supports COVID-19 recovery efforts through the fundraising campaign—locally and beyond. Longer term, funds will also support future research that addresses the most challenging issues of our time.

The power and potential of research is limitless. Together, we will build a better future. Thank you for your generous support.

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UVic chemist Katherine Elvira is investigating low-cost patient monitoring solutions for COVID-19. Photo: UVic Photos Services

The first RAF campaign focuses on COVID research that strives to make communities stronger and speed up recovery. With research strengths in economic sustainability, health determinants and Indigenous wellness, the University of Victoria’s world-class researchers make communities stronger. We accelerate recovery efforts through expertise, partnerships and infrastructure—and you can help.

“UVic researchers are driving recovery from COVID-19. Your community support unlocks and accelerates research with local and global relevance. The UVic Research Accelerator Fund advances big ideas to make real change in our everyday lives over the long term.”
Lisa Kalynchuk, Vice-President Research, University of Victoria

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Health research is a core strength at UVic. From mental health and well-being to substance use and healthy aging, our scientists strive to advance lifelong health for everyone. UVic is home to the Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health. Researchers here study the effects of social isolation and cognitive health, and COVID’s impact on housing and other supports for older adults—a demographic that is unevenly hit by the pandemic. UVic-based Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research tracks consumption patterns and promotes safer guidelines. Our experts also address BC’s ongoing opioid epidemic to find ways to ease the negative impact of COVID-19. They tackle issues of social justice and health inequities.

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UVic researcher Sam Liu and colleagues are studying predictors of distancing behaviour and physical activity during the pandemic. Photo: UVic Photo Services.

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UVic microbiologist Caroline Cameron

Our researchers are on a quest for new biomedical tools. From developing rapid, non-invasive tests and virus-resistant surface coatings, to ways of detecting and monitoring COVID-19, society is hungry for new tools and strategies to fight the novel coronavirus. UVic discovery and innovation can help keep our communities healthy and safe. With our focus on lab bench to bedside, UVic researchers build on knowledge across disciplines to work with diverse partners to improve health outcomes.

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UVic microbiologist Caroline Cameron is studying the virus' structural proteins as a way to detect and monitor the new coronavirus. Photo: UVic Photo Services

Help advance critical COVID-19 research. Together, with our partners—community, government, health authorities and industry—we make a difference.

UVic microbiologist Caroline Cameron

Indigenous communities face unique challenges during the pandemic. As a committed and recognized leader in Indigenous research, we build on expertise provided by Elders and other community leaders. Our multidisciplinary research includes the Centre for Indigenous Research and Community-Led Engagement and the future national centre for Indigenous law. Indigenous research at UVic reflects our promise to be inclusive.

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“I see a brighter future for Indigenous communities who harness the lessons they’re learning and demonstrating through the pandemic.”

John Borrows, Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Law, on Indigenous health and economic prosperity during COVID-19

UVic microbiologist Caroline Cameron

COVID-19 and the measures used to contain its spread turned the global economy on its head. UVic researchers, students, community entrepreneurs and partners are shaping how the economy reopens. UVic’s Gustavson School of Business will empower students with a work-integrated learning approach so they can help small and medium-sized enterprises chart a new course for their workplaces, and the communities they serve. The Coast Capital Savings Innovation Centre, UVic’s campus incubator, is supporting entrepreneurs as they craft and adapt to a new way of working in the wake of the global pandemic.

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UVic’s campus incubator is working with community partners to scale up the innovation ecosystem during the pandemic. Photo: UVic Photo Services.

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