Official Gazettes of the Province of British Columbia

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detail of the front page of volume 1 number 17This collection will include the early official gazettes of the province of British Columbia, the colony of British Columbia, and the colony of Vancouver Island. Gazettes are official publications that disseminate government proclamations, notices, and regulations as required by colonial or Provincial legislation. Four to eight pages per weekly issue were printed by various printers until the establishment of the Government Printing Office in November, 1863. The first issue of the Government Gazette, British Columbia for the colony of British Columbia was published on January 3, 1863. The title changed to British Columbia Gazette, on November 4, 1871, the title which remains to this day.

The first ten volumes of this gazette, covering the years 1863 to 1871 will be included in this collection.  Earlier colonial gazettes  this collection are the Government Gazette for Vancouver Island, 1864- 1866 and the Government Gazette for the Colonies of Vancouver Island and British Columbia, 1859-1860. These are  included in our Internet Archive collection (see below for link)

Prior to 1863, official notices of the colony were published in daily newspapers, for example the British Colonist. The colony of Vancouver Island had its own official gazette until the two colonies (British Columbia and Vancouver Island) were united in 1866.


  • Imports into the Colony of British Columbia during the Quarter ending 31 December, 1862

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