UVic honorary degrees, 1961-

Listed by year and name of degree recipient


  • Armstrong, Charles Johnstone, former student at Victoria College, and President of University of Nevada, May 1961,LL.D. (U.B.C.)
  • Young, Rosalind Watson, Victoria College faculty member, 1903-1904, and founding member of the University Extension Association, (Deceased 3 Nov. 1961), May 1961, LL.D. (U.B.C.)


  • Cunningham, Jeffree Aikin, Professor emeritus of Biology and Zoology, and founder of UVic Biology Dept. (Deceased Jan. 1984), May 1964, LL.D.
  • Koerner, Walter Charles, B.C. philanthropist, Nov. 1964, LL.D.
  • Lamb, William Kaye, National Librarian and Archivist (Deceased Aug. 1999), Nov. 1964, LL.D.
  • Robertson, Harold Rocke, Principal of McGill (Victoria born), Nov. 1964, LL.D.
  • Vachon, Louis-Albert (J. le Cardinal), Rector, Laval University, Nov. 1964, LL.D.


  • Ballard, Bristow Guy, President, Canadian National Research Council (Deceased), May 1965, LL.D.
  • Henn, Thomas Rice, Professor of English Literature, Cambridge, (Deceased 14 Dec. 1974), May 1965, LL.D.
  • Mayhew, Robert Wellington, (Deceased), Victoria businessman and public servant, May 1965, LL.D.
  • Pearkes, George Randolph, B.C. Lieutenant-Governor, (Deceased), June 1965, LL.D.


  • Bennett, William Andrew Cecil, Premier of B.C. (Deceased), May 1966, LL.D.
  • Clearihue, Joseph Badenoch, First UVic Chancellor (Deceased March 1988), May 1966, LL.D.
  • Ladner, Leon Johnson, B.C. industrialist and financier (Deceased 1978), May 1966, LL.D.
  • Ross, Phyllis Gregory, Economist and Chancellor of U.B.C., May 1966, LL.D.


  • Creighton, Donald Grant, Canadian historian, University of Toronto, May 1967, LL.D.
  • Robertson, Norman Alexander, Canadian diplomat and Director of School of International Affairs, Carleton University, (Deceased), May 1967, LL.D.
  • Smallwood, Joseph Roberts, Premier of Newfoundland Deceased), Nov. 1967, LL.D.


  • Berkeley, Cyril Jonas, Pioneer B.C. biologist from Biological Station, Nanaimo (Deceased), May 1968, LL.D.
  • Davidson, George Forrester, CBC President, May 1968, LL.D.
  • Hutchison, William Bruce, B.C. author, journalist and newspaper editor (Deceased Sept. 1992), May 1968, LL.D.
  • Pearkes, Constance Blytha, Wife of B.C. Lieutenant Governor, May 1968, LL.D.
  • Woodcock, George, B.C. author & editor (Deceased), May 1968, LL.D.


  • Frye, Northrop, Canadian literary critic (Deceased 23 January 1991), May 1969, LL.D.
  • Hillary, Edmund Percival (Sir), Conqueror of Mount Everest, May 1969, LL.D.
  • Prince Philip (His Royal Highness), Duke of Edinburgh, May 1969, D.SC.


  • Tunnard, Christopher, Urban planner and Director of Planning Studies, Yale University, May 1970, LL.D.


  • Clutesi, George Charles, Nootka writer and artist, May 1971, LL.D.
  • Wilson, Richard Biggerstaff, Chair of Victoria College Development Fund in 1959, and Second UVic Chancellor (Deceased 30 May 1991), May 1971, LL.D.


  • Boggs, Jean Sutherland, art historian and director of National Gallery of Canada, May 1972, LL.D.
  • Springer, Hugh Worrell (Sir), Secretary-General of the Association of Commonwealth Universities, May 1972, LL.D.
  • Wallace, Robert Thomas Duff, Professor Emeritus (Deceased April 1999), May 1972, LL.D.


  • Clay, Margaret Jean, Victoria librarian (Deceased), May 1973, LL.D.
  • Grube, George Maximilian A., Canadian classicist, May 1973, LL.D.
  • Shadbolt, Jack Leonard, B.C. painter (Deceased Aug. 1999), June 1973, LL.D.


  • Gage, Walter Henry (C.C.), president of U.B.C., May 1974, LL.D.
  • Wright, Charles Seymour (Sir), Canadian scientist and explorer (Deceased, 3 Nov. 1975), May 1974, LL.D.


  • Lewis, Wilfred Bennett, Canadian nuclear physicist, May 1975, LL.D.
  • Lohbrunner, Edmund Herman, Victoria botanist (Deceased Oct. 1985), May 1975, LL.D.


  • Gordon, Daniel Marshall, Victoria lawyer (Deceased Oct. 1979), May 1976, LL.D.
  • Hebb, Donald Olding, Canadian psychologist, May 1976, LL.D.
  • Laskin, Bora, Chief Justice of Canada (Deceased March 1984), April 1976, LLD.
  • Lederman, William Ralph, First Dean of Law, Queen's University, May 1976, LL.D.
  • Nemetz, Nathan Theodore, Chief Justice, B.C. Supreme Court, May 1976, LL.D.
  • Ormsby, Margaret Anchoretta, B.C. historian, May 1976, LL.D.
  • Vinaver, Eugene, French medieval literature scholar (Deceased, Aug. 1979), May 1976, LL.D.


  • Gunning, Harry Emmett, Canadian chemist, May 1977, LL.D.
  • Irwin, William Arthur, Canadian editor and diplomat (Deceased Aug. 1999), May 1977, LL.D.


  • Forrester, Maureen, Canadian contralto, Sept. 1978, LL.D.
  • Graham, Colin David, Director Victoria Art Gallery, Sept. 1978, LL.D.
  • Hickman, Walter Henry, Victoria College Principal, May 1978, LL.D.
  • Ireland, Willard Ernest, Provincial Librarian and Archivist (Deceased Jan. 1979), May 1978, LL.D.
  • Kennedy, Fanny Annette (Nan), B.C. Nursing education consultant, May 1978, LL.D.
  • McKenzie, Lloyd George (Q.C., The Honorable), B.C. Supreme Court Justice, May 1978, LL.D.
  • Ruttan, John Graham (The Honorable), B.C. Supreme Court Justice (Deceased), May 1978, LL.D.
  • Wood, Robin Laurence, Principal of Victoria Conservatory of Music, Sept. 1978, LL.D.
  • Woodsworth, David Edward, Canadian social work educator, May 1978, LL.D.


  • Liungh, Esse W., director and producer, CBC Radio, May 1979, LL.D.
  • Reid, William Ronald, Haida artist, June 1979, LL.D.


  • Allen, Francis A., U.S. legal scholar, University of Michigan, Nov. 1980, LL.D.
  • Berger, Thomas R. (The Honorable Mr. Justice), B.C. Supreme Court Justice, May 1980, LL.D.
  • Lansdowne, James Fenwick, Victoria bird painter (Deceased 26 July 2008), May 1980, LL.D.
  • Twining, William Lawrence, British legal scholar, Warwick Nov. 1980, LL.D.
  • Weiler, Paul Cronin, Canadian legal scholar (Harvard), Nov. 1980, LL.D.


  • Cunliffe, Sydney Joseph, B.C. Engineering,UVic BOG Chairman (Deceased 1990),May 1981, LL.D.
  • Hirsch, John Stephan, Director, Stratford Festival Foundation of Canada (Deceased 1989), Nov. 1981, D.F.A.
  • Peterson, Oscar Emmanuel, Canadian jazz pianist, May 1981, D.MUS.
  • Ringwood, Gwen Pharis, B.C. playwright (Deceased, May 1985), June 1981, D.F.A.
  • Soong, Ching Ling, Stateswoman and social work activist (Beijing), May 1981, LL.D.


  • Careless, James Maurice, Canadian historian, University of Toronto, Nov. 1982, D.LITT. Curtis, Charlton John, Director of Cedar Lodge (Deceased Jan. 1984), May 1982.
  • Morris, Joseph, Canadian labour leader (Deceased Oct. 10 1996), May 1982, LL.D
  • Mowat, Farley McGill, Canadian naturalist, novelist and historian, May 1982, D.LITT.
  • Richardson, John Reginald, nuclear physicist from UCLA, Nov. 1982, D.SC.
  • Van Vliet, Maurice Lewis, Canadian physical educator (Deceased April 2001), May 1982, D.ED.


  • Berton, Pierre, Canadian author & journalist, Nov. 1983, LL.D.
  • Gillie, Bernard, B.C. Educator (Deceased), May 1983, D.ED.
  • Hunt, Henry, B.C. (Kwakiutl) carver and artist (Deceased Mar. 1985), May 1983, D.F.A.
  • Keenleyside, Hugh Llewellyn, B.C. diplomat and public servant (Deceased Sept. 1992), May 1983, LL.D.
  • Mundy, Phyllis B., B.C. naturalist and mountaineer (Deceased Apr. 1990), Nov. 1983, LL.D.
  • Namaliu, Rabbie Langanai, (C.M.G., M.P, The Honorable), Papua New Guinea statesman, Nov. 1983, LL.D.
  • Roots, Ernest Frederick, B.C. geologist and Arctic expert, Nov. 1983, D.SC.


  • Adaskin, Frances James (O.C.), Canadian soprano and teacher (Deceased 1988), June 1984, D.MUS.
  • Adaskin, Murray (O.C.), Canadian composer and teacher, June 1984, D.MUS.
  • Curtis, Charlton John, Cedar Lodge Executive Director (Deceased Jan. 1984), May 1982, LL.D.
  • Gordon, Minita Elmira (Her Excellency), Governor General, Belize, Central America, June 1984, LL.D.
  • Ignatieff, George, Canadian diplomat (Deceased 1989), June 1984, LL.D.
  • Levirs, Franklin Parker, B.C. educator (Deceased 6 Feb. 1992), Nov. 1984, LL.D.
  • Pavelic, Myfanwy Spencer, Victoria portrait painter, June 1984, D.F.A.
  • Williams, Peter, B.C. Gitskan leader, Nov. 1984, LL.D.


  • Crawford, Russell Allan, Canadian technology entrepreneur, Nov. 1985, LL.D.
  • Harbord, Justin Victor, UVic builder, B.O.G. member, June 1985, LL.D.
  • Lipsey, Richard George, Canadian economist, June 1985, L.D.
  • McTaggart-Cowan, Ian, B.C. biologist, Chancellor of UVic, May 1985, D.SC.
  • Mitchell, William Ormond, Canadian author (Deceased Feb. 1998), Nov. 1985, D.LITT.
  • Page, Patricia (P.K.), Poet, May 1985, D.LITT.


  • Halpern, Ida, B.C. musicologist (Deceased), Nov. 1986, D.MUS.
  • Hart, Josephine Frances L. (Mrs. G.C. Carl), Victoria marine biologist, May 1986, D.SC.
  • MacKay, John Ross, U.B.C. geomorphologist, May 1986, D.SC.
  • Ostler, William Leonard, Victoria Judge, May 1986, LL.D.
  • Stephen, Hugh R., UVic builder and Chair of Board of Governors (Deceased 22 March 2002), May 1986, LL.D.


  • Louie, George, B.C. (Nootka) carver and linguist, May 1987, LL.D.
  • McGeer, Edith Graef, U.B.C. neurologist, May 1987, D.SC.
  • Polanyi, John Charles, Canadian Nobel Laureate (Chemistry), May 1987, D.SC.
  • Spohr, Arnold, director Royal Winnipeg Ballet, May 1987, D.F.A.
  • Thomson, Margaret, Community worker (Deceased), Nov. 1987, LL.D.


  • Andrews, George Smedley, B.C. surveyor and engineer, May 1988, D.ENG.
  • Emmons, Donn, American architect andUVic Development Planner (Deceased Sept. 1997), Nov. 1988, LL.D.
  • Kennedy, D. Elizabeth, UVic Math professor, Emeritus, May 1988, LL.D.
  • MacDonald, John Spencer, B.C. electrical engineer, May 1988, D.ENG.
  • McFarlane, James, Ross, Canadian mechanical engineer, May 1988, D.ENG.
  • Mutsu, Ian Yonosuke, Japanese film producer, cultural ambassador, May 1988, LL.D.
  • Page, Harold John, B.C. Engineer, Asst. Deputy Minister, May 1988, D.ENG.
  • Rogers, Robt. Gordon (The Honorable), B.C. Lieutenant-Governor, Nov. 1988, LL.D.
  • Scargill, Mathew Henry, UVic linguist and dean of Graduate Studies (Deceased), May 1988, LL.D.
  • Tobin, Brian A., Journalist, editor and leader, May 1988, LL.D.


  • Clark, Howard Charles, scientist and President of Dalhousie University, June 1989, D.SC.
  • Kergin, Dorothy Jean, founder of UVic Nursing School (Deceased 16 Feb. 1989), June 1989, D.S.N.
  • Mayhew, Elza, Victoria sculptor, Nov. 1989, D.F.A.
  • McCrum, Michael William, vice-chancellor of Cambridge University, June 1989, D.ED.
  • Quayle, Daniel Branch, B.C. marine biologist (Deceased, 19 Oct. 1993), Nov. 1989, D.SC.
  • Saddlemyer, Ann, Canadian literary scholar, June 1989, D.LITT.
  • Safdie, Moshe, Architect, June 1989, D.F.A.


  • Blais, Marie-Claire (C.C.), Canadian author, Nov. 1990, D.LITT.
  • Davies, Kay E., Human geneticist, Oxford University, June 1990, D.SC.
  • Eyton, Rhys Tudor, President of Canadian Airlines, June 1990, LL.D.
  • Livesay, Dorothy, poet (Deceased Dec. 1996), June 1990, D.LITT.
  • Rogers, Edward S., president and CEO of Rogers Communications, June 1990, LL.D.
  • Schindler, David William, Environmentalist, specialist in biosphere pollutants and water chemistry, University of Alberta, Nov. 1990, D.SC.
  • Vandekerkhove, Allen, Victoria businessman and entrepreneur, June 1990, LL.D.
  • Vickers, Margaret Ruth, contributer to native education, welfare and promoter of native artists, Oct. 1990, LL.D.
  • Wigdor, Blossom Temkin, psychologist and gerontologist, Oct. 1990, D.SC.
  • Williams, Bryan, Vancouver lawyer, June 1990, LL.D.
  • Williams, Michael Collard, Victoria businessman and heritage developer (Deceased 9 November 2000), Nov. 1990, LL.D.


  • Brown, Bruce Lloyd, art collector, Nov. 1991, D.F.A.
  • Cooke, Katherine (Katie), education and research consultant, Nov. 1991, LL.D.
  • De Roo, Remi Joseph, bishop of Victoria and human rights advocate, June 1991, LL.D.
  • Gibson, William Carleton, chancellor UVic, 1985-1990, June 1991, D.SC.
  • Greig, Mary, B.C. alpinist and rhododendron grower (Deceased 1990), June 1991 (posthumous), D.SC.
  • Hersom, Naomi Louisa, president Mount St. Vincent University, Canadian educator, June 1991, D.ED.
  • Jackman, Sydney Wayne (Toby), UVic Emeritus Faculty, Nov. 1991, D.LITT.
  • Joubin, Francis Renault, Canadian geologist & prospector, Victoria College alumnus and worker for world peace and Third World development (Deceased Feb. 1997), June 1991, D.SC.
  • Kinsella, William Patrick, Canadian author, UVic alumnus, June 1991, D.LITT.
  • Mearns, William Clark, UVic founder and member first Board of Governors, businessman (Deceased May 1998), June 1991, LL.D.
  • Petch, Howard Earle, president of UVic, 1975-1990, June 1991, D.SC.
  • Richmond, Mary Lewis, contributions to field of nursing and UVic Nursing Administrator, June 1991, LL.D.
  • Ross, R. Ian (O.C.), owner of Butchart Gardens, philanthropist and member of the early UVic building committee (Deceased 2 Feb. 1997), June 1991, LL.D.
  • Sam, Samuel Xwe-Xya-Luc, Aboriginal leader, Nov. 1991, LL.D.
  • Wilson, Bertha (The Honorable, Q.C.), Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, Nov. 1991, LL.D.
  • Winspear, Francis George, philanthropist, educator and businessman (Deceased Jan. 1997), Nov. 1991, D.SC.


  • Abella, Rosalie Silberman, Ontario Court of Appeal Judge, May 1992, LL.D.
  • Brown, Rosemary, first black woman in Canadian Legislature (B.C.), June 1992, LL.D.
  • Cote, Roger A., pathologist, Universite de Sherbrooke, Nov. 1992, D.SC.
  • Davidson, Robert C., Haida artist, June 1992, D.F.A.
  • Godson, Warren Lehman, scientist and meteorologist, June 1992, D.SC.
  • Kidd, George P., UVic founder, June 1992, LL.D.
  • Perry, Walter Laing MacDonald (Lord Perry of Walton), Vice Chancellor of Open University of Britain, Nov. 1992, D.ED.
  • Rimrott, Friedrich Paul Johannes, University of Toronto, May 1992, D.ENG.
  • Roberts, John P.L. (Dean), Dean of Fine Arts, University of Calgary, Nov. 1992, D.F.A.
  • Seaton, Peter D., Justice Court of Appeal of B.C. and Court of Appeal of Yukon Territory, Chief Commission of Health (Deceased 19 Dec. 1993), June 1992, LL.D.
  • Trelawny, John Guy, author and botanist, June 1992, D.SC.
  • Sinclair, Lister S., broadcaster and journalist, June 1992, LL.D.
  • Von Born, Heidi, Swedish author and promoter of Canadian literature in Europe, Nov. 1992, D.LITT.


  • Carr, Shirley, 1st woman head of Canadian Labour Congress, June 1993, LL.D.
  • Conacher, Desmond John, Professor Emeritus Classics, University of Trinity College Toronto (Deceased), June 1993, D.LITT.
  • Dickson, Brian Marchmont (The Right Honorable), retired Chief Justice of Canada (Deceased 1998), June 1993, LL.D.
  • Fraser, F. Murray, founding UVic Law Dean and VP Academic (Deceased March 1997), June 1993, LL.D.
  • Koo, Chen-Foo, entrepreneur and business leader, China, Nov. 1993, LL.D.
  • Lambert, Phyllis, director of the Canadian Centre for Architecture, June 1993, LL.D.
  • Panyarachun, Anand (Chairman), diplomat and Past Prime Minister of Thailand, Nov. 1993. LL.D.
  • Stewart, Ian Hugh, former Chair of UVic Board of Governors, June 1993, LL.D.
  • Stewart, Robert W., founder, Institute of Ocean Sciences in Sidney, B.C., June 1993, D.SC.
  • Strong, Maurice F., Secretary-General of 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (Earth Summit), June 1993, LL.D.
  • Wilson, Douglas, Director of B.C. Ministry of Health, Native Health Branch, June 1993, LL.D.


  • Bannister, Roger, Aug. 1994, LL.D.
  • Chambers, Gretta (Chancellor), journalist, April 1994, LL.D.
  • Downes, Gwladys, Poet, critic and translator, UVic Emeritus, Nov. 1994, D.LITT.
  • Fulton, E. Margaret, Canadian educator and feminist, May 1994, D.ED.
  • Hansen, Richard Marven, Aug. 1994, LL.D.
  • Hasmah, Siti, Aug. 1994, LL.D.
  • Johnston, David, Aug. 1994, LL.D.
  • Kahan, Barbara, Child Rights activist (Deceased Aug. 2000), April 1994, LL.D.
  • Landy, John M., August 1994, LL.D.
  • Laumann, Silken S., Olympic rower, Aug. 1994, LL.D.
  • Martin-Bates, Pat, artist and educator, April 1994, D.F.A.
  • Ordia, Abraham (Chief), (Deceased), Aug. 1994, LL.D.
  • Peden, Douglas J., Aug. 1994, LL.D.
  • Prince, Edward (His Royal Highness, The Prince), Aug. 1994, LL.D.
  • Romero, Pepe, guitarist, April 1994, D.MUS.
  • Shankar, Ravi, world renowned Indian musician, Aug. 1994, D.MUS.
  • Smith, Wilfred C., United Church Minister, Prof. Emeritus at Harvard, Nov. 1994, D.LITT.
  • Southwood, Richard (Sir), British zoologist, Pro-Vice Chancellor Oxford, Nov. 1994, D.SC.
  • Taylor, Richard E., Nobel-Prize Winning Canadian physicist, May 1994, D.SC.


  • Carter, Peter Basil (Q.C.), Oxford Law Professor, Nov. 1995, LL.D.
  • Cooper, Mel, Owner CFAX, businessman, June 1995, LL.D.
  • Cunningham, Gordon R., President and Chief of London Insurance Company, June 1995, LL.D.
  • Forst, Judith (O.C.), D.MUS S95, June 1995, D.MUS.
  • Foster, David, award winning musician from Victoria, June 1995, D.MUS.
  • Halliwell, Janet, June 1995, D.SC.
  • Hiller, Arthur, film director, June 1995, D.F.A.
  • Hsu, Li-Teh, Chair of China Aviation Development Corporation Taipei Taiwan, June 1995, LL.D.
  • Hughes, Edward John, B.C. artist, and Canada's 1st Army artist, Nov. 1995, D.F.A.
  • Kunin, Roslyn, economist and author, June, 1995, LL.D.
  • Lam, The Hon. David C., Past B.C. Lieutenant Governor, June 1995, LL.D.
  • Lam, Dorothy, wife of former B.C. Lieutenant Governor (Deceased Oct. 1997), June 1995, LL.D.
  • McIntyre, William R. (C.C., Q.C, The Honorable), former Justice of Supreme Court, June 1995, LL.D.
  • Morohashi, Shinroku (Sr. Corporate Advisor), chairman of the Mitsubishi board of governors, , Nov. 1995, LL.D.
  • Roddick, Anita, founder of Body Shop, June 1995, LL.D.
  • Romero, Celedonio, classical guitarist, Oct. 1995, D.MUS.
  • Sabiston, Carole, Victoria fabric artist, June 1995, D.F.A.
  • Smith, Michael, Nobel Laureate (Deceased Sept. 2000), June 1995, D.SC.
  • Waters, Donovan, past UVic law professor, Oct. 1995, LL.D.


  • Boyd, Liona (C.M.), classical guitarist and composer, June 1996, D.MUS.
  • Churchland, Patricia, philosopher and founder of Neurophilosophy, June 1996, D.LITT.
  • Churchland, Paul, physicist and philosopher U.C.A., June 1996, D.LTT.
  • Climenhaga, John, astro-physicist, Victoria College faculty member and founder of the UVic physics programme (Deceased 27 May 2008), June 1996, D.SC.
  • Iacobucci, Frank (The Honorable Mr. Justice), Supreme Court of Canada, June 1996, LL.D.
  • Kempston, Darkes Maureen, president of General Motors, June 1996, LL.D.
  • MacLaurin, Donald, chemical engineer, (Deceased April 1998), June 1996, D.SC.
  • Margison, Richard, Canadian tenor, Nov. 1996, D.MUS.
  • Moran, Bridget, social worker and activist (Deceased Aug. 1999), Nov. 1996, LL.D.
  • Knox, George, art historian, June 1996, D.LITT.
  • Pratt, Mary, artist, June 1996, D.F.A.
  • Ross, Phyllis Gregory, UBC Chancellor (Deceased, Apr. 1988), May 1996, LL.D.
  • Schaefer, Eva, musical events volunteer, June 1996, LL.D.
  • Schaefer, Herbert, B.B.C. musical recorder, June 1996, LL.D.
  • Vaartnou, Herman, rhododendron specialist (Deceased 5 July 1996), Nov. 1996, D.SC.


  • Ballard, Geoffrey Edwin Hall, founder of Ballard Power Systems Ltd., June 1997, D.SC.
  • Di Castri, John A., Victoria architect, June 1997, LL.D.
  • Dowdeswell, Elizabeth, executive director of United Nations Environment Program, Nairobi, Kenya, June 1997, LL.D.
  • Egoff, Sheila A. (O.C.), educator and author of children's literature, June 1997, D.LITT.
  • Fong, Henry Y.W., businessman and philanthropist, Nov. 1997, LL.D.
  • Garrioch, Sydney B., aboriginal leader and chair of the Board of Awasis Agency Garrioch, Nov. 1997, LL.D.
  • Kurth, Erika, singer and teacher of voice, arts reviewer, Nov. 1997, D.LITT.
  • Saul, John Ralston, humanist and author, Nov. 1997, D.LITT.
  • Skelton, Robin, author and poet, founder of Department of Creative Writing at UVic, (Deceased) Nov. 1997, D.LITT.
  • Snow, Michael, pianist and film maker, painter and sculptor, June 1997, D.F.A.
  • Steltzer, Ulli, photographer of native peoples, June 1997, D.F.A.
  • Swain, Harry, public servant, June 1997, LL.D.
  • Valdes, Jesus Chuchoaldes, Cuban jazz pianist, June 1997, D.MUS.
  • Ziegel, Jacob. S., founding member of Canadian Business Law Journal, June 1997, LL.D.


  • Charman, Eric, fine arts fund raiser, June 1998, LL.D.
  • Cobb, John B. (Jr.), theologian, June 1998, D.LITT.
  • Egoyan, Atom, Canadian film director, Toronto, Nov. 1998, D.F.A.
  • Goodlad, John I., teacher and researcher, June 1998, D.ED.
  • Harrison, Edward, educator, author and illustrator, Nov. 1998, D.F.A.
  • Jorgensen, Flemming, West Coast landscape artist, June 1998, D.F.A.
  • Menuhin, Yehudi, Lord (KBE, OM), violinist (Deceased March 1999), April 1998, D.MUS.
  • Odgers, Graham James, astronomer and research scientist, June 1998, D.SC.
  • Patel, Vimla Lodhia, researcher of medical informatics, June 1998, D.SC.
  • Sankaran, Trichy, percussionist from South India, June 1998, D.MUS.
  • Sewid-Smith, Daisy M., First Nations teacher and author, June 1998, LL.D.
  • Stapleford, Elsie M., pioneer of Child Care, June 1998, LL.D.
  • Thomas, Donna Maria, arts fundraiser, Nov. 1998, LL.D.


  • Adulyadej, Bhumibol (His Majesty), environmentalist, Thailand Nov. 1999, D.SC.
  • Beckwith, John, composer, Nov. 1999, D.MUS.
  • Chadderton, Hugh Clifford, CEO of War Amps of Canada, Nov. 1999, LL.D.
  • Cho, Byung-Hwa, Korean poet, June 1999, D.LITT.
  • Horn, Paul Joseph, musician, June 1999, D.F.A.
  • Irving, Edward, scientist of paleomagnatism, June 1999, D.SC.
  • Israel, Werner, cosmologist, Nov. 1999, D.SC.
  • Jackson, Tom, artist, First Nations activist and humanitarian, June 1999, LL.D.
  • Lee, Leo Tung-hai, philantrophist, Nov. 1999, LL.D.
  • Moore, J. Mavor, Canadian critic, writer and teacher, June 1999, D.LITT.
  • Shoyama, Thomas K., public servant and policy maker, June 1999, LL.D.
  • Willcocks, David (CBE, MC, Sir), choral conductor and arranger, June 1999, D.MUS.


  • Ara, Matsuo, June 2000, D.F.A.
  • Arbour, Louise (The Honorable Madam Justice), Supreme Court of Canada, April 2000, LL.D.
  • Barlow, Maude V., social and political activist, April 2000, LL.D.
  • Buchanan, J. Judd (The Honorable), businessman and public servant, June 2000, LL.D.
  • Caldicott, Helen, Physicians for Social Responsibility, April 2000, LL.D.
  • Clark, Colin W., pioneer scholar in mathematics, June 2000, D.SC.
  • Clarkson, Adrienne (Her Excellency, The Rt. Honorable), distinguished career in radio and television, April 2000, LL.D.
  • Cleminson, F. Ronald, June 2000, LL.D.
  • Gabias, Paul, advocate for visually impaired, April 2000, LL.D.
  • Gorecki, Henryk Mikolaj, June 2000, D.MUS.
  • Heller, George J., Canadian businessman, April 2000, LL.D.
  • Horowitz, Myer (O.C.), Canadian educational leader, Faculty of Education, April 2000, LL.D.
  • Kim, Mo Im, intellectual and moral leader of Korean nursing, April 2000, D.S.N.
  • Lou-Poy, Ronald (Q.C.), lawyer and Victoria College alumnus, Nov. 2000, LL.D.
  • McLachlin, Beverley (P.C., The Honorable), Chief Justice of Canada, Nov. 2000, LL.D.
  • Point, Susan, Coast Salish artist, April 2000, D.F.A.
  • Thomas, Mary, June 2000, LL.D.
  • Walton, John S., businessman and community service activist, April 2000, LL.D.
  • Wright, Robert H., June 2000, LL.D.


  • Chong, Vicwood (MBE, JP. Sultan), Special Convocation in Hong Kong, Nov. 2001, LL.D.
  • Crowe, Cathy, activist for healthcare, June 2001, D.S.N.
  • Lui, Che-Woo, businessman, June 2001, LL.D.
  • Maillet, Antonine, Acadian writer, June 2001, D. LITT.
  • Morton, Alan R., authority on exercise-induced asthma, June 2001, D.ED.
  • Mustard, J. Fraser, outstanding work in health field, June 2001, D.SC.
  • Pearson, Lucy Landon, (The Honorable, Senator), advocate for children, Nov. 2001, LL.D.
  • Rose, Louise, musician and community service, June 2001, D.F.A.
  • Shields, Carol, Canadian author (Deceased 16 July 2003), June 2001, D.LITT.
  • van den Bergh, Sidney (FRS), Astronomer, June 2001, D.SC.
  • Wright, Donald, music educator, Nov. 2001, D.ED.
  • Yap, Allan, international businessman, Nov. 2001, LL.D.


  • Axworthy, Lloyd, Canadian politician, June 2002, LL.D.
  • Davies, Char, digital and virtual reality artist, June 2002, D.F.A.
  • Levy, Julia, immunologist, June 2002, D.SC.
  • Murray, Robert G.E., instigator of Canadian microbiology research, June 2002, D.SC.
  • Newman, Peter C., Canadian journalist, June 2002, LL.D.
  • Payette, Julie, 2nd Canadian astronaut, June 2002, D.SC.
  • Vandekerkhove, Loreen E., philanthropist, June 2002, LL.D.


  • Astbury, Alan, UVic particle physicist and former director of TRIUMF (Tri-Universities Meson Facility), November 2003, D.Sc
  • Davis, Wade, anthropologist and ethnobotanist, June 2003, D.SC.
  • Gardonm, Garde B. (Q.C., The Honourable), former Lieutenant-Governor of B.C., June 2003, LL.D.
  • Krall, Diana, Canadian jazz vocalist and pianist, November 2003, DFA
  • Leano, Antonio Alvarex del Castillo, President of University of Guadalajara, Mexico, June 2003, LL.D.
  • Mickelson, Norma I., educator, former UVic Chancellor (1997-2002), June 2003, LL.D.
  • Robinson, Mary, former President of Ireland and former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, September 2003, LL.D
  • Starowicz, Mark, C.B.C. documentary producer, June 2003, LL.D.
  • White, Howard, B.C. publisher and writer, June 2003, LL.D.


  • Cavoukian, Raffi, children's entertainer and educator, November 2004, D.Mus.
  • Collen, Morris, expert in multiphase health testing and medical informatics, June 2004, D.Sc.
  • Giroux, Robert, advocate for university research in relation to innovation and development, November 2004, LL.D.
  • Heffelfinger, Jane, supporter of Victoria arts, culture and health care, June 2004, LL.D.
  • Hodgins, Jack, winner of the 1980 Governor General's Award for Literature, non-fiction writer and retired UVic professor, November 2004, D.Litt.
  • Hunt, Richard, artist, June 2004, DFA.
  • Lewis, Stephen, served the UN and led fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa, June 2004, LL.D.
  • L'Heureux-Dube, Claire, retired Justice on Supreme Court of Canada, June 2004, LL.D.
  • Wilkinson, Percy, volunteer for Boy Scouts of Canada, June 2004, LL.D.


  • Browne, Beverley, Madame Justice of Nunavut, an organiser of the Akitsiraq Law School Programme, June 2005 (Iqaluit), LL.D.
  • Brzustowksi, Tom, advocate for university research and president of NSERC, June 2005, D.Sc.
  • Dallaire, Romeo, retired Canadian Forces Lieutenant General, commander of UN observer mission in Rwanda, June 2005, LL.D.
  • Hughes, Helen, city councillor in Victoria, active in youth programmes and community service, June 2005, LL.D.
  • Hughes, Ted, First Nations treaty negotiatior and public inquiry commisioner, June 2005, LL.D.
  • Hung, Albert, patron of amateur sports, June 2005 (Beijing), LL.D.
  • Kaiser, Edgar Jr., involved in preventing and reducing harm from substance use and addictive behaviours, June 2005, LL.D.
  • Karr, Gary, world-renowned solo bassist, host of UVic summer training programme, June 2005, D.Mus.
  • Tryggvason, Bjarni, Canadian astronaut and researcher in the space science and engineering field, November 2005, D.Eng.
  • Ukaliannuh, Lucien, elder-in-residence at the Akitsiraq Law Programme, June 2005 (Iqaluit), LL.D.
  • Wilkinson, Merve, pioneering eco-forester, November 2005, LL.D.
  • Wu, Annie Suk-Ching, community leader, June 2005 (Beijing), LL.D.


  • Carty, Arthur, scientist and former president of the National Research Council , November 2006, LL.D.
  • Claxton, Earl Sr., Sencoten linguist and member of the Saanich First Nation, November 2006, LL.D.
  • Iglaur, Edith, author and journalist, November 2006, LL.D.
  • Husband, Vicky, environmentalist, June 2006, LL.D.
  • Lane, Barbara, expert in First Nations rights and anthropology, June 2006, LL.D.
  • Perinbaum, Lewis, advocate for citizens' education and roles in developing countries, June 2006, LL.D.
  • Piper, Martha, eleventh president of UBC, June 2006, LL.D.
  • Tippet, Maria, writer, art historian and Cambridge senior research fellow, November 2006, LL.D.
  • Vickers, Arthur, First Nations artist, June 2006, D.F.A.
  • Williston, Ray, former B.C. Minister of Education, introduced the 1955 Victoria College Act, June 2006, LL.D.


  • Anderson, The Hon. David, Member of Parliament and founding director of the Guelph Institute for the Environment, November 2007, LL.D.
  • Campagnolo, The Hon. Lieutenant Governor Iona, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, broadcaster and social justice advocate, June 2007, LL.D.
  • Cockburn, Bruce, musician and social activist, June 2007, LL.D.
  • Matembe, The Hon. Maria, social justice advocate and member of the Pan-African Parliament, June 2007, LL.D.
  • Okumu, Dr. Mary Juanita, June 2007, LL.D.
  • Parsons, Timothy R., marine biologist and honorary research scientist emeritus at the Department of Fisheries and Ocean's Institute of Ocean Sciences, November 2007, D.Sc.
  • Turner, William, conservationist and co-founder of The Land Conservancy of BC, June 2007, LL.D.
  • Vaughan, Don, landscape architect, November 2007, LL.D.


  • Chan, Eliza, lawyer and entrepreneur, June 2008, LL.D.
  • Clark, Ian D., senior Canadian public servant and former Treasury Board Secretary, June 2008, LL.D.
  • Grant, Ted, Canadian photojournalist, November 2008, LL.D.
  • Rix, Donald B., medical doctor, entrepreneur and humanitarian, June 2008, D.Sc.
  • Regehr, Duncan, actor, visual artist and author, November 2008, D.F.A.
  • Tandon, Rajesh, founder and president of the Society for Participatory Research in Asia, June 2008, LL.D.


  • Berry, Edward, professor emeritus of English and advisor to the judicary on legal writing and oral judgement delivery, June 2009, LL.D.
  • MacDonald, Rebecca, Canadian entrepreneur and philanthropist, June 2009, LL.D.
  • Smith, A.J. Stewart, Victoria College alumnus and Princeton University Particle physicist, June 2009, D.Sc.
  • Strangway, David, physicist and former President of the University of British Columbia, June 2009, D.Sc.