Ms. Heather Ranson

Ms. Heather Ranson
Assistant Teaching Professor; Associate Director, Centre for Social and Sustainable Innovation (CSSI)


BA, University of British Columbia; MBA, University of Guelph

Office: BEC 208


  • Business communications
  • Cross-cultural communications
  • Meeting and event management
  • Social & sustainable innovation
  • The business case for sustainability
  • Tourism marketing
  • Tourism development

Heather Ranson joined the Gustavson School of Business in 2004 and shares her background in tourism event planning, marketing and service excellence with students in the service management specialization in the BCom and the MBA programs. She also teaches business communications classes to Gustavson exchange students. Since 2014 Heather has also taught the Business and Sustainability course to BCom and MBA students.

In addition, Heather serves as associate director of the Centre for Social and Sustainable Innovation (CSSI) at the Gustavson School of Business. In this role Heather strengthens current teaching in the school by assisting professors in developing additional expertise in sustainability so that it has become a strong theme throughout Gustavson’s course offerings.

Heather’s interest in business and sustainability has led to research into Responsible Management Education, and Heather contributes to the Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) conferences and publications.

Ranson, H., Ceulemans, K., Winn, M. (forthcoming). Embedding Sustainable Development in the Gustavson School of Business. Management Education for Corporate Social Performance. 

Ranson, H. (2012). Sustainability at the Gustavson School of Business. Case study published online at the National Wildlife Federation.

  • Academy of Management, Outstanding Reviewer Award (2016)
  • 2015 Gustavson Excellence in Service Award
  • Gustavson School of Business Award (2013)
  • Gustavson School of Business Award (2012)
  • Gustavson School of Business Innovation Award, University of Victoria (2011)
  • Quality Management and Service Operations (MBA)
  • Service Management: Human Resources (MBA)
  • Essentials of Business Leadership : Presentation Skills (MBA)
  • Business English and Communications (undergraduate)
  • Business and Sustainability (undergraduate)
  • Service Management: Marketing (undergraduate)
  • Service Management: Human Resources (undergraduate)
  • Service Management: Operations (undergraduate)
  • Presentation Skills (NW-ACE & Telus Executive Programs)