Takahiro Endo

 Takahiro Endo
Associate Professor; CAPI Jarislowsky Chair


Dr. Takahiro Endo joined the University of Victoria as Associate Professor at Peter B Gustavson Business School and Jarislowsky CAPI Chair in East Asia (Japan) in September, 2021. Previously, he was Associate Professor at Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, and Kobe University after completing a two-year postdoctoral research position at Cardiff University. He obtained Ph.D. from Cardiff University, Wales, UK and MA and BA from Hitotsubashi University. He has been a research fellow at Kobe University, RIEB (Research Institute for Economics and Business Administration) and a governing board member at King’s College London’s FinWork Future Research Centre.  

His scholarly interests lie in the translation of sustainability ideas and practice in business and management, legal structure and business organizations, commensuration processes and their impacts, and innovation and invention of tradition. As the principal investigator, he has conducted two JSPS (Japanese Society for Promoting Science) funded research projects examining corporate lobbying and its impacts in traditional and new economic sectors. Moreover, he has joined several inter-disciplinary and internationally funded projects examining the translation of renewable energy, commensuration in higher education, and gender issues in professional service firms.

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