Kristin Brandl

 Kristin  Brandl
Associate Professor


MSc in International Business and Trade School of Business, Economics and Law, Gothenburg University, Sweden; PhD in International Business, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Office: BEC 436


  • Developing countries 
  • Institutional environments
  • National and supranational policy
  • International service management
  • Global Value Chains
  • Innovation and intellectual property 

Kristin Brandl is an Associate Professor in International Business at the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business, University of Victoria, Canada. She has held visiting research positions at the Fox School of Business, Temple University, Philadelphia, USA and Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, UK. Prior to joining UVic, she worked as Lecturer/Assistant Professor at Henley Business School, University of Reading, UK. She is a 2021/2022 Fellow at the Center for Global Studies, University of Victoria.

Dr. Brandl’s research studies the impact of (national and supranational) policy and institutions on global business environments and firm strategy. She is particularly interested in developing countries and how these internal and external factors impact their development processes. She also examines global knowledge sourcing, especially related to service and innovation activities, i.e., she examines international services management and innovation with a focus on production processes, characteristics, structures, and value propositions (Global Value Chains).

Kristin is on the editorial review board of the Journal of International Business Studies and the Global Strategy Journal and edited a special issue at the Journal of World Business. She is a board member at the European International Business Academy and the Academy of International Business-Canada Chapter and is part of the iBEGIN research group. She has won several awards for her research, for example, the EliteForsk Stipend by the Danish Ministry of Research, Innovation, and Higher Education.

Journal Publications

Van Assche, A, Brandl, K. (2021). Harnessing power within global value chains for sustainable development. Transnational Corporations. Volume 28, Issue 3: 135 - 145

Moore, E., Brandl, K. & Dau, L. (2021). Intergovernmental organizations, institutional schisms, and business environments. Journal of International Business Policy, 1-18.

Brandl, K., Moore, E., Meyer, C., & Doh, J. (2021). The impact of multinational enterprises on community informal institutions and rural poverty. Journal of International Business Studies, 1-20. 

Ambos, B., Brandl, K., Perri, S., Scalera, V.G., & Van Assche, A. (2021) The nature of innovation in global value chains. Journal of World Business, 56(4).

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Brandl, K., Darendeli, I., & Mudambi, R. (2019). Foreign actors and intellectual property protection regulations in developing countries. Journal of International Business Studies, 5(50), 826–846.

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Brandl, K., Mudambi, R., & Scalera, V. (2015). The spectacular rise of the Indian pharmaceutical industry. Entrepreneur & Innovation Exchange.

Book Chapters

Brandl, K., Jensen, P., Stroem, P., & Jones, A (2020). International services: the interface between service characteristics, policy, and institutions. In International Business and Multi-layered Institutional Change (Progress in International Business Research, Vol. 15). Verbeke, A., van Tulder, R., Rose, E., Wei, Y. (eds.)

Brandl, K., Moore, E., & Dau, L. (2019). Institutional Schisms in Argentina: The Impact of Intergovernmental Organizations on Country Institutional Environments. In  PIBR 14 Volume: International Business in a VUCA World: The Changing Role of States and Firms. Emerald Publishing. Van Tulder, R., Verbeke, A., Jankowska, B. (eds.)

Brandl, K., & Mudambi, R. (2019). The rise of an innovation tiger: The catch-up of the Indian national system of innovation. In From Copycat to Leaders: Innovation from Emerging Markets. Cambridge University Press. Cahen, F., Casanova, L., Miroux, A. (eds.)

Brandl, K., Darendeli, I., Hamilton, R., & Mudambi, M. (2016). The impact of actors and the aspect of time in institutional change processes in a developing country context. In Impact of international business: Challenges and solutions for policy and practice. Palgrave Macmillan. Tuselman, H., Freund, D., and Golesorkhi, S. (eds.)

Brandl, K., Cano Kollman, M., Cha, H., Darendeli, I., Hannigan, T. J., Lee, A., & Mudambi, R. (2015). Innovation in US metropolitan areas: The role of global connectivity. In Innovation, alliances, and networks in high-tech environments. Abingdon: Routledge. Belussi, F. and Orsi, L. (eds.)

Brandl, K., & Mudambi, R. (2014). EMNEs and catch-up processes: The case of four Indian industries. In Emerging Market Multinationals: Looking Back, Looking Ahead. Cambridge University Press. Cuervo-Cazurra, A. and Ramamurti, R. (eds.)

Recognition & Awards

2022 Excellence in Research, Peter B. Gustavson School of Business, University of Victoria
2021 Best Conference Reviewer Award, SMS Toronto
2021/2022 Fellow at the Center for Global Studies, University of Victoria
2020 Gustavson Scholar, Excellence in Research Award
2019 Best Conference Reviewer Award, Academy of International Business
2019 Best Conference Paper Award, Academy of International Business - Latin America Chapter Conference
2018 Best Conference Reviewer Award, Academy of International Business
2016 Schulze Award, Schulze Foundation
2015 Nominated - Temple/AIB Best paper award, Academy of International Business Nominated - William H Newman Award, Academy of Management
2013 EliteForsk Stipend, Danish Ministry of Research, Innovation, and Higher Education
2012 Travel Stipend, Otto Mønsteds Fond
2011 International PhD Competition Winner, University of South Australia
2009 Richard C. Malmsten Award, Gothenburg University

Courses Taught

  • International Business II (PhD)
  • International Business II (MBA)
  • International Business (BCom)