Dr. Jen Baggs

Dr. Jen Baggs
Associate Professor


BA in Economics, University of Alberta; MA in Economics, University of British Columbia; PhD in Commerce, University of British Columbia

Office: BEC 248


  • Canada-US free trade
  • Exchange rates

Dr. Jen Baggs is an economist working with the Gustavson School of Business. Her primary research interests are in international trade and industrial organization. Her current research explores how free trade agreements and exchange rate fluctuations affect firm survival, growth and financial structure; international trade in hazardous waste; and the effects of competition on incentive based contracts, effort and performance.

Jen conducts her research in association with Statistics Canada and hopes her research will help Canadian businesses both take advantage of the opportunities, and insulate themselves from the threats, created by freer trade and fluctuating currencies.. She is a winner of the European Association for Research in Industrial Economics Young Economists' Award, and the Canadian Economics Association’s Robert Mundell Prize.

Jen has a cross-appointment with the Department of Economics and teaches in the areas of international business, statistics and economics.

Before joining the University of Victoria, she was an assistant professor at Queen’s University.

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  • Gustavson Award for Excellence in Service (2010)
  • European Association for Research in Industrial Economics Young Economists' Award
  • Canadian Economics Association’s Robert Mundell Prize
  • Statistics (MBA)
  • Economics (MBA)

UVic KnowlEdge, January 2015: Shopping for Answers

Dr. Jenn Baggs is an Economist and Professor with the Gustavson School of Business at the University of Victoria. In this video, Jen discusses her research on how Canadian firms adapt to change in foreign competition.