Wellbeing is making the best of life - with good health, happiness, and fun.

22 ways people at Gustavson get healthy and have fun

 The tip sheet

All 'round wellbeing  Morning larks, night owls and peak performance

Four ways to feel more engaged at work, from Berkeley's Greater Good Science Magazine

Working well remotely: the pluses, pitfalls and practices that can help it all work out.

Harrassment - sexual and otherwise: Learn how to help people know what to do when we see it on our commute, in the workplace, and at social events. 

Gut feelings: The surprising - and surprisingly charming - intestine and its relationships with your brain and emotions: physician Giulia Enders's TED talk and book are delightful.

Creativity is good for you! 

Is the Drive to be Masculine Hurting Your Mental Health? 

Lessons in the Delicate Art of Confronting Offensive Speech

UVic employees have free access to this webinar on workplace stress.

What makes a good life? Robert Waldinger explains the lessons from the longest study on happiness and wellbeing.

In this podcast, UMich's Michelle Segar explains how to do what you want to do

Infographic: 12 Steps to Happiness.

Happy, the movie

The book Happy Money: the science of smarter spending



a hundred ways to enjoy life with your family, friends, and colleagues at UVic:


Friday Music

Phoenix Theatre

Vikes Recreation

Sustainability programs

Grad House welcomes everyone - students, families, the public...

University Club memberships start at FREE. Every regular employee is entitled to one year's free membership. After that, it's only $20 a month.

Because living in a community - any community - can be challenging sometimes, UVic's Human Resources department offers this resource to help us get what we need, when we need it.



UVic's emotional wellness offerings are here.



The sky's the limit when it comes to spiritual resources at UVic. From classes to gardens, meditation to spiritual practices from around the world, there's information here, and at Continuing Studies here.

We have weaker bones than our hunter-gatherer ancestors – this is what we can do about it

Gut feelings: The surprising - and surprisingly charming - intestine and its relationships with your brain and emotions: physician Giulia Enders's TED talk and book are delightful.

Healthy Brains at Work

Move it! A dozen stretches to keep you from locking up at your desk.

How to eat healthier without changing your diet

Healing Offices are good for employees, which is good for companies too.

UBC study finds optimal walking and cycling speeds to reduce air pollution inhalation

How Music Might Improve Your Workout 

How Exercise May Turn White Fat Into Brown

Women, men and sleep: yet another area where we differ

Tips for getting some exercise even if you don't have time to hit the gym

Sound Health in 8 Steps: a TED talk.



Need help getting motivated?

Specific tips to help you keep going once you've started.

A membership to UVic fitness facilities starts as low as $140.15 a year

There is a shower in Room 454A of the Business and Economics Building, available to all employees who have an External door key. The ante room also has a drying closet for wet cycling and walking gear.

There are also showers in the David Turpin Building nearby.

Diversity rules the Got Gusto Bike to Work team (Bike to Work Week is in May and Bike to Work Day in October each year). We welcome walkers, in-line skaters, wheelchairers, cyclists.... If you self-propel, we want you! Contact Rachel at cssi@uvic.ca for more info.


UVic Food Services: nutrition info and more

BC Farms and Food: find local produce and products on Vancouver Island


UVic Continuing Studies offers more than 200 courses every term

Intellectual wellness

Healthy Brains at Work

The Lost Art of Doing Nothing

Who doesn't love TED talks?

Professional development

UVic's Human Resources website has a list of pro-d offerings

Occupational wellness

UVic's Human Resources website has a list of pro-d offerings

Seven ways to stand up against harrassment - sexual and other


Lessons in the Delicate Art of Confronting Offensive Speech 

How to Stop Workplace Bullies In Their Tracks

How to Deal with a Mean Colleague

Managing Conflict at Work is in the UVic library system

Podcast on Four Types of Conflict and How to Manage Them