Rainbow Kitchen volunteers

Gustavson students build a better website, a better world

BCom students Alex Taylor and Reilly Baldwin spend their spare time volunteering for a local community kitchen that feeds 125 people a day. Because it's the right thing to do, that's why.

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Year in Review cover

2016-17 Year in Review

CSSI collects stories and photos of some of the great things Gustavson students, profs and staff do, and we publish them in our annual Year in Review reports. We hope you enjoy them.

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Sustainability in the classroom

CSSI helps professors bring the best articles, case studies, and guest speakers to their classes in marketing, accounting, operations, finance, human resources... Sustainability and social responsibility fit everywhere!

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Peter Thomas Challenge winners

Gustavson students make the business case for laughter

We love to celebrate Gustavson's creative, smart and sustainable students and alumni. Check out our weekly Communique for news and stories!

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IdeaFest 2018

IdeaFest 2018 showcased research by and for the Toquaht Nation

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Becca Blachut, Emerging Environmental Leaders forum

Students leading change

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Centre for Social and Sustainable Innovation

The Centre for Social and Sustainable Innovation (CSSI) is a service unit for the Gustavson School of Business, and so much more!

Basically, we are one more way that Gustavson goes beyond seeing things differently and actually steps up to make the world better.

If you’re a student with an idea or a question, give us a call!

If you’re a business leader, we value your expertise; a professor, let’s hear from you!

You can phone Rachel at 250 853 3721, email cssi@uvic.ca, or visit Room 150 in the Business and Economics Building.

We've collected some wonderful stories and pictures of Gustavson students, profs and staff doing the great things they do. Please check out CSSI's latest Year in Review!

plane graffitoAnd Gustavson's beautiful 2017 carbon report is now available right here.

CSSI's strategic plan in brief is here.

Our previous Year in Review reports are also full of inspiring stories:






At Ideafest 2018, Chief Anne Mack, Judith Sayers, Johnny Mack and Matt Murphy described the Toquaht Nation's new framework for assessing economic development possibilities using environment, economy, culture and community as the markers.

View more CSSI videos on the Gustavson School of Business YouTube channel.

  • Bart Simpson talks to CSSI - Filmmaker Bart Simpson talks to Gustavson's Centre for Social and Sustainable Innovation about film, business and social responsibility.
  • Mission Impossible? Not at Gustavson - new students create sustainable, socially responsible business ideas in three hours.
  • Faces of UVic Research: Monika Winn - our director explains the ways in which business can be made more sustainable, and explains that the public demand for large companies to have environmental transparency leads CEO's and businesses to become more sustainable.
  • The world looks different from here - a short trip, through the students eyes, of the unique experiences they have with the Gustavson School of Business in class, on exchange overseas, on internship and most importantly having fun together.

View more CSSI videos on the Gustavson School of Business YouTube channel.