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2020-21 Year in Review

CSSI collects stories and photos of some of the important initiatives Gustavson students, professors and staff engage in, and we publish them in our annual Year in Review reports. We hope you enjoy them.

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sdg lesson plans

17 SDG Lesson Plans

Click here to find 17 lesson plans, one for each of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are open for use by any faculty members. Each lesson plan includes a variety of resources, discussion questions, industry examples, and in-class activities.

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A look back at ten years of carbon-tracking at Gustavson

A look back at ten years of carbon-tracking at Gustavson

The Gustavson School of Business made a commitment over 10 years ago to measure and report on its carbon emissions and advance the process of greening its operations. For the last several years, the school has taken things a step beyond measuring and reducing, and purchased carbon offsets to make the school carbon neutral.

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Sustainability in and beyond our classrooms

We bring the world to Gustavson classrooms, and share Gustavson with the world.

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student sustainability

Student Sustainability

Want to learn more about being more sustainable as a student?

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Post-doctoral fellows

Research at Gustavson

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The Centre for Social and Sustainable Innovation

The Centre for Social and Sustainable Innovation, (CSSI) at the Gustavson School of Business, was formed to bring sustainability and social responsibility into the education, research, operations and culture of our school.

The CSSI helps staff and faculty integrate sustainability and social responsibility into all of Gustavson’s educational offerings. From core courses to international exchanges, we offer practical support to meet the school’s commitment to the United Nations Global Compact’s Principles for Responsible Management Education.

We support faculty in their research by backing their grant proposals, hiring post doctoral fellows, sponsoring their attendance at conferences and celebrating their research accomplishments. Reducing our environmental footprint is an ongoing effort as well. We conduct an annual carbon audit and run educational programs and competitions to reduce our environmental impact across the school. The result of our efforts in these three areas can be seen in the Gustavson culture. Care for the environment, social structure of our community and governance of businesses is apparent throughout the school.