Gustavson gains ground on Eduniversal Palmes of Excellence international ranking

Dec. 17, 2018, Victoria, BC: Listed on the Eduniversal international business school ranking since 2014, Gustavson moved up the list in 2018 from three Palmes of Excellence to four. This unique designation, undertaken by Eduniversal as part of their 1000 Best Business Schools ranking, indicates how a school stacks up against global competitors as a “Top Business School with Significant International Influence.”

Eduniversal names 1000 best business schools in 154 countries, which are then divided within each country into levels of achievement, called the Palmes of Excellence. Palmes are determined based on a set of criteria developed by Eduniversal’s International Scientific Committee, including: accreditations, academic and professional partnerships, major rankings and more. In 2018 Gustavson was re-evaluated by the Committee and was subsequently moved up to four Palmes in recognition of “the evolution of [Gustavson’s] influence and reputation on both the national and international level.” 

Of the 25 schools named to the Palmes list in Canada, there are nine schools awarded four Palmes. Eduniversal also assesses schools based on an evaluation by their peers, called the Deans’ Vote. 2018 saw Gustavson rise from 123% to 145% in this standing.