On December 3rd, the Giving Tuesday sprinkles are coming back to campus as UVic celebrates this global day of philanthropy. For just 24 hours, the worldwide UVic community will be able to demonstrate how much the university means to us by giving back and paying it forward. Every gift, no matter the size, will create memorable learning opportunities for students.

These resources were created to help you join the fun and add sprinkles of your own.

Giving Tuesday Toolkit:

Throughout the Giving Tuesday Toolkit you will find:

  • key messaging;
  • a list of the faculty selected priority funds;
  • an outline of the on-campus activities;
  • ideas on how your and your team can get involved;
  • sample social media posts.

Digital Resources:

We will also be sharing great content throughout the day, including pictures, videos and livestreams, be sure to follow the campaigns progress on our social media channels.

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Giving Tuesday Facutly Facebook Profile Images:

We are so grateful for your support in growing this important campaign. If you have any questions, or need any additional guidance, please feel free to contact Danielle Mulligan, Annual Giving Officer, at 250-472-4498 or