24 Hour Challenges

2020 GT 24 Hour Challenges

At UVic, we believe that every positive choice is the chance to influence the future. This Giving Tuesday, our community answered the call to get involved and support the causes that they are passionate about. 

Thank you for participating in our Project Add Sprinkle's 24 Hour Challenges to help unlock more than $50,000 in donations to impact our students, programs and community - there is still time to make your gift!  

Play it Forward Challenges 

2020 GT Campus Quest Thunder

Campus Quest: RBC Temple of Generosity

On December 1st, more than 630 UVic students followed the clues left by Thunder, the VIKES mascot, in an online quest to unlock and allocate Dr. Phil Anthropist's $5,500 treasure. 

Thank you for playing!

2020 GT Insta

Angles and Perspectives

Donations to UVic sprinkle impact across campus each day; however, they often go unnoticed in our every day work. On Giving Tuesday, members of the UVic community played a special "Sprinkle" edition of UVic's Instagram game, Angles and Perspectives, and submitted 3,795 guess to help identify different campus locations and learned how they were impacted by philanthropy.

Thanks to the UVic Alumni Association, and the players, the guesses unlocked more than $3,000 to support the Giving Tuesday priority funds.

Fund Focused Challenges

 2020 GT Business

Business: Centre for Social and Sustainable Innovation

We are looking for 17 donors to the CSSI – one for each of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which guide the centre and the Gustavson School of Business. 

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2020 GT CanAssist

CanAssist: TeenWork

If we can find 17 caring donors to TeenWork, one for each of the teens who found employment through the program last year, $2,000 will be unlocked.

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2020 GT Continuing Studies

Continuing Studies: University 101

35 people access this crucial program each term, so we’re hoping that 35 generous donors will step up and support University 101 to help unlock $2,000 in funding. 

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2020 GT Education

Education: Centre for Outreach Education (CORE)

There are 25 amazing CORE tutors supporting children with diverse abilities. If 25 people donate to CORE today, thanks to the generosity of Wendy Gedney, they will unlock $1,000.

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2020 GT Engineering

Engineering: Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Fund

Thanks to the generosity of Anna Stukas, gifts to this fund will be matched up to $1,000.

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2020 GT Fine Arts

Fine Arts: Student Community Impact Award

We are looking for 25 Giving Tuesday donors to the Community Impact Award – five for each of our five innovative Fine Arts departments. And thanks to a generous matching gift, if we reach this goal, we will unlock an additional $500 for the award!  

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2020 GT Heart

Giving Tuesday Fund

If 300 UVic alumni and graduates make a donation to any UVic fund, $10,000 will be unlocked to support student led initiatives and experiential learning thanks to the generosity of the UVic Alumni Association, Wendy Gedney and two anonymous donors.

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2020 GT Grad Studies

Graduate Studies: Neuroscience Graduate Students Association

Thanks to a generous donor who has pledged matching dollars, for today only, the first 15 people who give to the NSGA will unlock an additional $100 each in donations.

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2020 GT HSD

Human and Social Development: Voices in Motion

If 15 people support the Voices in Motion project before midnight on Giving Tuesday, Wendy Gedney will give an additional $750 to support this life-changing experience. 

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2020 GT HUMS

Humanities: Christine Welsh Scholarship

We are looking for 20 Giving Tuesday donors to the Christine Welsh Scholarship – one for each of the 20 years Christine taught at UVic. And if we can reach this goal by midnight on Giving Tuesday, a generous donor will give an additional $2,350!

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2020 GT Law

Law: Student Emergency Fund

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us. We are looking for 52 Giving Tuesday donors to the Law Student Emergency Fund – one for each week of the year.

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2020 GT ONC

Ocean Networks Canada: Solid Carbon

Every gift made is leveraged through matching Federal support and reaches deeper. 

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2020 GT Elders

Office of Indigenous Academic and Community Engagement: Elders Engagement Fund

In 2015, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada made 94 calls to action. This Giving Tuesday, we’ve set a goal to raise $940 for the Elders Engagement Fund.

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2020 GT Science

Science: Women In Science

Thanks to a generous matching donor, for today only, all donations will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to $2,000! STEM needs women.

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2020 GT Social Sciences

Social Sciences: Sellemah Scholarship

The Sellemah Scholarship was created in honour of Dr. Nancy Turner and her relationship with Songhees Elder Joan Morris. We are looking for 26 donors to the Sellemah Scholarship – one for each year Dr. Turner taught at UVic.

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2020 GT Studen

Student Affairs: Students with Lived Experience in Care

Youth in care is defined as someone who has received care from the Ministry of Children and Family Development or a Delegated Aboriginal Agency through the “Child, Family and Community Service Act” for a minimum of 12 months.

We are looking for 12 donors to support Students with Lived Experience in Care to unlock a $500 donation from Wendy Gedney. 

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2020 GT Transgender

Transgender Studies: Chair in Transgender Studies

Thanks to our generous Matching Donors – Andrew Beckerman, Lynn Conway, DeeBee’s Organics, Mariette Pathy Allen, Thomas Kailath, Ralph Huenemann, Shelagh Rogers, Selma Linzer – on Giving Tuesday only, your support for the Chair in Transgender Studies will have up to three times the impact!

Give now – the first $5,000 donated, no matter the size of the individual donations, will be matched three times by our Giving Tuesday Matching Donors.

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2020 GT Libraries

UVic Libraries: Digital Initiatives Fund

Last year, the Library loaned out 678 electronics kits, microphones, and cameras to students doing innovative research and projects. This Giving Tuesday, we’ve set a goal to raise $678 for the Digital Initiatives Fund.

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2020 GT Research

UVic Research: Research Accelerator Fund

Thanks to a generous donor who has pledged matching dollars, for today only, the first 20 people who give to the Research Accelerator Fund will unlock an additional $50 each in donations.

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2020 GT Vikes

VIKES: Alumni Association Bursary for Active, Healthy Living

In the spirit of 2020, if 20 donors support the bursary an additional $1,000 in financial aid will be unlocked for Vikes Athletes!

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Social Media Challenges

2020 GT Heart


Every time #AddSprinklesUVic is used on social media, the UVic Alumni Association will donate $2 (up to $2,000) to support student-led initiatives at UVic.