Impact Week

Last year's Impact Day— this year's Impact Week

Every facet of UVic has fingerprints of donor support and engagement all over it –from ground-breaking research initiatives to community outreach programs and of course, the campus we work, play, and study on. There is so much we want to recognize and celebrate; this appreciation and gratitude could no longer be contained to a single day!

March 14-18, 2022, marked UVic's first Impact Week.

Throughout the week, we celebrated the acts of kindness, generosity, and engagement that make UVic more accessible and enriching. Each day highlighted a different element of philanthropy and encouraged you to learn about, reflect on, and thank those who make a difference at UVic and beyond. 

Missed out, but still want to participate? 

Immerse yourself in the history behind some of UVic’s donations and reflect on what’s been made possible today because of donor generosity.

  • Watch how the Centre for Outreach Education was able to increase capacity by 550% through donor funds in 10 years.
  • Read about the legacy Betty Kenedy left to help future mathematicians.
  • Learn how 3,000 students stayed engaged and connected from afar during covid thanks to donor support.
  • Did you know that since 1994, UVic employees have raised over $5.5 million, including $200,000 (and counting) in 2021 for United Way? This money is used to feed people without houses in Victoria, provide connection for isolated seniors, help families in need, and so much more.
  • See how an $8.7 million investment to UVic's Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) advanced ocean-observing infrastructure on all three of Canada's coasts.

It’s not only money that makes a difference, but also time and talent that individuals invest into the UVic community and beyond!

  • Recently, several UVic alumni generously gave their time and expertise to answer your questions in our Ask an Alumni series.
  • UVic students and student clubs love to give back, like political science student, Kai Richins who helps the Greater Victoria Green team remove invasive species from campus and in the community.
  • Learn about UVic’s community of experts that are available to speak at schools, community events, and other organizations - for FREE! UVic's Speakers Bureau features 543 topics from passionate volunteers committed to a better future for people and the planet.

If you have a story of a UVic student, club, faculty and staff, alumni or donor getting involved either here on campus or anywhere else, tell us about it on socials and share the impact with #YourUVicImpact

This is your UVic.

Thank you to all the alumni, faculty and staff, and community members, past, present and future, who have made an impact on this university. 


Blue tag reads "in 2021 donors gave $28.6 million to support UVic students, projects and initiatives

Over 300 tags were placed around campus to highlight UVic donor support.

three students smiling in front of balloon arch

Students at Impact Week 2022 Thank-A-Donor event.

students writing thank you cards

Over 500 students expressed their appreciation for UVic donors.

two students smiling and holding thank you cards

Throughout Impact Week students, faculty and staff, and the community learned about different acts of philanthropy.

two men smiling wearing UVic aprons and handing women ice cream

Faculty and Staff donors receiving ice cream treats from Chris Horbachewski, VP External Relations, and Jim Dunsdon, AVP Student Affairs.

two women wearing yellow volunteer shirts hang tag in tree

Donor ambassadors were up bright and early to tag campus with donor support on Tag Day.

More things worth celebrating 

  • Last year, 4,962 people, businesses and other organizations donated to UVic.
  • During Impact Week 2022, UVic students participated in a campus wide Tag Day scavenger hunt and voted to make a $5,000 impact to the UVSS Food Bank and Free Store!
  • In 2021, donors gave $28.6 million to support UVic students, projects, and initiatives.
  • Last year, 2,190 UVic alumni donated to the university.
  • 575 students endured the pouring rain to individually express gratitude and appreciation for donor support during Impact Week's Thank-A-Donor.
  • Last year, 678 UVic faculty and staff members made a gift to the university.
  • Last year, 1 in 8 students received a donor-funded award, with a total $6.9 million given out!
  • In 2021, 28% of donations supported student awards and 11% supported research at UVic.
  • Last year, 1,731 donors gave to UVic for the first time. 

Donate to make an impact 

When you make a gift today you make a difference in the lives of UVic students and programs right now and contribute to a shared vision for the future of this university.

Donate now


Get inspired from Impact Day 2021

Can't wait for Impact Week and want a taste of what's to come? Please enjoy this virtual tour of campus from two students showcasing the many (and often surprising) ways philanthropy positively impacts their UVic experience—from Impact Day 2021.  

UVic students Alison and Devin give a tour of campus showing some of the surprising ways donor support has made an impact on this university.