Membership - Board of Governors

As at July 2016

to 07-31-2018
Appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council
Ms. Ida Chong to 07-31-2019
Ms. Daphne Corbett to 07-31-2018
Ms. Lindsay R. LeBlanc to 07-31-2017
Ms. Cathy McIntyre to 12-31-2017
Mr. Michael Mitchell to 12-31-2018
Ms. Beverly Van Ruyven to 07-31-2018
Dr. David Zussman to 07-31-2018
Elected by faculty
Dr. Hélène Cazes to 06-30-2017
Dr. Ana Maria Peredo to 06-30-2017
Elected by staff
Mr. Nav Bassi to 06-30-2017
Elected by student associations
Sara Maya Bhandar  to 06-30-2017
Mr. Ben Lukenchuk to 06-30-2017
Ex officio
Prof. Jamie Cassels, President and Vice-Chancellor
Ms. Shelagh Rogers, Chancellor