What is i>clicker?

i>clicker is an electronic polling system. It consists of any number of clickers, or remotes, and a base station, or receiver. Each remote has six buttons: one to switch it on and off, and five representing the letters A to E. An instructor can thus pose a multiple-choice question in class and have students submit their responses by clicking the appropriate option on their remotes. The base station, which is connected to the instructor's laptop (or classroom desktop) by a USB cable, receives the votes and transfers them to the instructor's USB stick or hard drive.

A small piece of software, also called iClicker, is used to control polling sessions (i.e. cause the base station to start or stop receiving votes), as well as to display and hide polling results.

i>clicker Go app

The i>clicker Go app has been replaced by REEF Polling. REEF has been approved for use at UVic, and more information about it will be on the UVic site soon.

Technical assistance and support

Online support and reference materials for using iClicker on campus are available for both instructors and students. Inquiries related to the pedagogical use of iClickers are supported by TIL through workshops, resources, and other professional development opportunities.

Technical assistance for iClickers (for both instructors and students) is available through the University Systems help centre. For step-by-step instructions and frequently asked questions, see either Student i>clicker support or Instructor i>clicker support.