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Computers and software

Computers and software

Standard hardware for faculty and staff

Technology Solutions Centre WebReq instructions

  1. Log in to MyPage and click the FAST icon from the My online tools list in the top right corner.
    Choose the FAST Icon in MyPage
  2. From the right side bar, click Applications, then Web Requisitioning.

  3. Click New Requisition.
  4. Enter the contact phone number under Telephone.
    • The Originator and Reference fields will be automatically populated once you save.
  5. Select your department under Ship To.
  6. PLEASE NOTE: The Building/Room field must have the full building name (no abbreviations) and room number where your order will be delivered. 

  7. Check off Attachments.

  8. Click on the magnifying glass icon next to the Selected Vendor field. Search for and select the desired vendor.  For TSC standards, select Microserve Att: Debbie Briggs.

  9. Enter any necessary comments in the Comments field.
  10. Click the Save button.
  11. Click on the Attachment button in the top right corner.
  12. Click the plus sign button within the Attachments screen to attach additional information such as the TSC estimate.

  13. Enter the Commodity Description, Quantity & Unit, and Unit Price.
    • The unit price cannot be $0, it must have a value. It can be an estimate if necessary.
    • The unit price can include shipping costs or shipping costs can be placed as another line item.
    • The Default check box indicates that the FAST acount code will be the default account code for all of the items in the order.

  14. Click the Save icon.
    • Click the Save button with the plus sign icon to add more items. Click the pencil icon to edit items.

  15. Enter the FAST code and other accounting information.
    • The amount listed in the account section must match any amounts entered in the commodity section.
  16. Click the Save icon.
    • Click the Save button with the plus sign icon to add more items. Click the pencil icon to edit items.

  17. IMPORTANT: Click the Save Requisition button on the right side of the page to save your WebReq.
  18. Click Submit.
  19. If approval is required, select Search for an Employee to approve this requisition. Otherwise, select Send to Department
  20. Select TSC from the drop down menu.
  21. Add any additional comments under Enter additional comments here.
  22. Click Submit.