The Great British Columbia ShakeOut


Do you know what to do when the shaking starts?

Immediately Drop, Cover and Hold On

The annual Great BC ShakeOut drill is occurring across the province on October 17 at exactly 10:17 a.m. This drill gives everyone a chance to practice the Drop, Cover and Hold On procedure. Last year over 600,000 British Columbians took part.

If you are teaching at the time of the drill, discuss the procedures with your class and join UVic in “Shaking Out." For more  information on the ShakeOut drill, check the ShakeOut FAQs.

Do you know what to do when the shaking stops?

Once it is safe, cautiously evacuate the building and immediately make your way to the Campus Assembly Area (UVic playing fields). For further information including the safest routes to the Campus Assembly Area check UVic’s campus evacuation procedures.

Do you want to learn more about earthquakes, aftershocks and tsunamis?

On October 17 please participate in the campus-wide UVic ShakeOut drill. It will only take 2 minutes, but could save your life.
If you take any photos or videos of the 2013 ShakeOut drill, please forward to for the ShakeOut webpage.
Did you know? Grab and Go kits and emergency radios are available at the UVic Bookstore for the special discount price of $24.99.