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Queenswood legacy lives on in salvaged objects

April 5, 2017

In preparation for building renovations at the Queenswood site, several hundred items—fixtures, healthcare and commercial kitchen equipment, plumbing fixtures, millwork, appliances, even dishes and hot water tanks—have been salvaged for re-use by a variety of departments and off-campus organizations, including UVic Food Services, the University Club, Bamfield Marine Centre and Beacon Community Services.

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Millennia-spanning forest study garners international environmental award

March 2, 2017

Outstanding research in ecology was announced this week by the Ecological Society of America. A team of UVic researchers and grad students were recognized for their contribution to the fields of plant ecology and biogeography with the William Skinner Cooper Award for their research study, "Intertidal resource use over millennia enhances forest productivity," published in Nature Communications last year.

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Knowledge: snowpack science

October 28, 2016

A significant amount of freshwater in western Canada and the North originates as snowpack from the Rocky Mountains. Terry Prowse, a UVic geographer and a senior federal research scientist who studies hydrology, water resources and freshwater ecosystems.

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Controlling invasive species on campus

October 5, 2016

A small army of volunteers is on the march to eradicate the spread of plant species that threaten native-growing flora on the UVic campus. Their project on invasive species management is one of four projects approved and funded this year by the Campus Sustainability Fund, which provides one-time allocations to campus projects that focus on water savings, sustainability awareness and learning opportunities.

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A ‘power-full’ future for UVic

October 4, 2016

The site has been chosen and planning is underway for a new energy plant to replace UVic’s aging energy heating infrastructure. The new natural-gas fired plant will boast more efficient boilers which, in combination with new control systems and ultra-efficient energy transfer stations across the campus, are expected to produce significant energy savings.

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Foundation increases support for students, sustainability

September 6, 2016

At its August meeting, the UVic Foundation approved a record $14.5-million budget to support students and the university’s 2016-17 academic mission—an increase of $600,000 from last year. The foundation also created a pilot Fossil-Fuel-Free Fund for donors who wish to create new endowments that will not be invested in companies with coal, oil or natural gas reserves.

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Knowledge: extreme thinking

June 24, 2016

Science is closer to linking some weather-related disasters to human-caused climate change. This spring, a US National Academy of Sciences committee—on which Zwiers served—released a milestone report acknowledging that progress is being made on attributing some extreme events to climate change caused by human activity.

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Power to the people

June 3, 2016

Melina Laboucan, a 33-year-old member of the Lubicon Cree First Nation, came to UVic's Indigenous Governance (IGov) master's program in 2013 with a clear purpose: to develop a solar energy project plan that would tackle Indigenous and environmental issues in her home town of Little Buffalo, Alberta.

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