Funding opportunities

The Office of Research Services (ORS) is UVic’s central research administration office. We assist faculty in securing and administering research grants, contracts, and creative awards and in meeting their regulatory responsibilities in support of research.

ORS is the point of contact for the federal granting councils (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC), CFI, BCKDF, government ministries, foundations, associations and industry. You will work with different ORS staff depending on your funding organization or relationship with the partner.

Internal and external grants

ORS provides internal grants in the form of “seed” grants to help faculty prepare for larger external grants. We also provide small grants to assist with research-related travel costs.

Grants staff can help you in securing and administering external research grants by offering pre-award and post-award services.

All external funding applications must include a completed Research Application Summary Form. Please make sure your application meets UVic’s indirect costs of research policy and associated procedures before submitting it to ORS.

Grants facilitation

Grants facilitation and grant crafting support is available both at the ORS level and within each faculty to best meet the needs of its individual researchers.

Contracts and agreements

ORS contract staff coordinate the development, review, negotiation and finalization of research contracts and agreements.

Special funding programs

Special programs are institutional - rather than grant - applications on behalf of an individual researcher. University-level approval is required before applying to any of these funding programs. ORS manages application development and post-award administration. Current special funding programs include:
  • Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI)
  • British Columbia Knowledge Development Fund (BCKDF)
  • Canada Research Chairs (CRC) 
  • Western Economic Diversification Canada (WED)

Pre-award assistance

The Office of Research Services (ORS) can provide the following services with grant applications or proposals:

  • review and provide administrative comment on draft proposal
  • assist with budget design
  • provide review copies of previously-successful institution-based proposals
  • Refer researchers to a faculty grants facilitator
  • Help the researcher determine whether to pursue grant funds versus contract or contribution agreements.

Contact: Nicole Kitson, Senior Grants Officer (Pre-award)

Post-award assistance

ORS staff are available to provide the following services once a grant has been awarded:

  • review the grant terms and conditions to ensure they are acceptable to the University of Victoria
  • instruct the UVic Accounting Office to create a research grant account on the FAST system, and copy the account creation form to the principal investigator
  • work cooperatively with Accounting Office staff in maintaining the research grant account
  • provide budget and project personnel hiring advice to the research team upon request
  • authorize claims for any eligible grant teaching release or consulting/honorarium fees payments
  • liaise with the sponsor as required (for example, to request project amendments or answer questions on behalf of the principal investigator)
  • ensure that claims and financial reports are submitted to the sponsor
  • transfer funds to co-investigator by way of transfer agreements. Complete the Request to Issue a Sub-grant.
  • close the account

In addition to the above, ORS can also provide the following assistance with contracts or contribution agreements:

  • review and negotiate acceptable terms and conditions of award with the sponsor, after consultation with the principal investigator
  • authorize contract and contribution agreements on behalf of the University of Victoria
  • ensure that invoices are submitted to the sponsor

Contact, Manager Research Finances and Budgets (Post-award)

ORS staff provide the following services:

  • publicizing research opportunities to the UVic research community
  • initiating and coordinating funding agency site visits and presentations
  • liaising with funding agencies on behalf of UVic researchers
  • assisting in the development, submission and tracking of research grant and contract proposals
  • providing internal funding and administrative support to committees who adjudicate internal research competitions
  • administering research grants, contracts and creative awards in conjunction with Accounting Services
  • maintaining and preparing research statistics and reports
  • developing and administering research policies
  • working cooperatively with UVic Industry Partnerships in support of technology transfer and commercialization of research products
  • promoting UVic research and creative accomplishments and awards internally and externally
  • managing application development and post-award administration for special programs

A principal investigator must be designated within a research team to assume the following responsibilities:

  • complete and sign the UVic Research Application Summary Form and append it to their research application or proposal
  • complete a conflict of interest declaration
  • obtain all required proposal signatures and approvals (see University Policy # FM5100 Signing Authority)
  • if applicable, append the agency guidelines stating that overhead is not an eligible expense or outlining the agency’s position regarding overhead
  • obtain all required sponsor contracts or agreements signatures and approvals
  • ensure, in cooperation with the co-investigators, that the research team adheres to all UVic research and regulatory (ethics) policies
  • ensure that the grant or contract award is used only for its specified purpose,
  • handle post-award financial administration of the project account, maintain signing authority and responsibility for any project overages


Debra Anderson
Manager, Research Finances & Budgets
Phone: 250-721-8079

Nicole Kitson
Senior Grants Officer
Phone: 250-853-3103

Jessica Worsley
Research Programs Liaison
Phone: 250-472-4986


Eko Goldberg
Research Agreements Facilitator
Phone: 250-472-5670


Bradley Buie
External Awards Facilitator
Phone: 250-472-5408

Institutional Programs

Joaquin Trapero
Manager, Institutional Programs
Phone: 250-721-7972

Mike England
Institutional Programs Liaison
Phone: 250-472-5126