Funding opportunities

The pages in this section will help you identify and apply for potential research funding opportunities, including internal grants, external grants, special funding programs or awards & honours.

Please visit our grants facilitation pages for tips and resources on preparing your application.

Internal grants

External grants

Special funding programs

Awards & honours

Grants (internal and external)

Jessica Worsley, Research Programs Liaison
Phone: 250-472-4986

Dr. Nicole Kitson, Senior Grants Officer (pre-award)
Phone: 250-853-3103

Debra Anderson, Manager, Research Finances and Budgets (post-award)
Phone: 250-721-8079

Special Funding Programs

Mike England, Institutional Programs Liaison
Phone: 250-472-5126

Dr. Joaquin Trapero, Manager, Institutional Programs
Phone: 250-721-7972

Awards & Honours

Brad Buie, External Awards Facilitator
Phone: 250-472-5408

A principal investigator (PI) must be designated within a research team to assume the following responsibilities:

  • complete and sign the UVic Research Application Summary Form and append it to their research application or proposal
  • complete a conflict of interest declaration
  • obtain all required proposal signatures and approvals (see University Policy # FM5100 Signing Authority)
  • if applicable, append the agency guidelines stating that overhead is not an eligible expense or outlining the agency’s position regarding overhead
  • obtain all required sponsor contracts or agreements signatures and approvals
  • ensure, in cooperation with the co-investigators, that the research team adheres to all UVic research and regulatory (ethics) policies
  • ensure that the grant or contract award is used only for its specified purpose,
  • handle post-award financial administration of the project account, maintain signing authority and responsibility for any project overages

Grant facilitation is offered at both the university and faculty-level to assist you in preparing your application.

Resources include: