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Our department has a variety of faculty members from different backgrounds.

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We have an active undergraduate Philosophy Student Union.

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Our department offers courses on a wide variety of topics.

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Our colloquium series (Fall through Spring) features a different speaker every few weeks.

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UVic has many resources available to help incoming students.

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Philosophy at UVic

My philosophy degree - perhaps not surprisingly - did not land me a job as CEO of a multi-national philosophy company. But it did introduce me to the world of ideas, teach me skills of disciplined analysis and judgment, and how to engage with and learn from the wisdom of others.

Jamie Cassels, QC. University of Victoria President

We offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in philosophy, as well as many courses open to a variety of students. While you're here, you might also want to check out our faculty, come to one of our events, or just learn more about where philosophy can take you.

Colloquium: Oct 24th

Title: Duhem Contra Quine: Cassirer, Duhem, Holism, and the Epistemology of the Exact Sciences Speaker: Dr. Alan Richardson (UBC) Friday, Oct 24th at 2:30pm in CLE A203

CSRS Talk: Nov 13th

Title: True or false? The world was created in six days. Speaker: Margaret Cameron (UVic) Thursday, Nov 13th at 4:30pm in David Turpin Building A104 

New Edited Volume by Colin Macleod

Colin Macleod's new edited volume, The Nature of Children's Well-Being, has just come out. Dr. Macleod's essay in this book is called "Agency, Authority and the Vulnerability of Children."

Fall Colloquium Schedule

Here is our line-up of speakers so far for the fall: Philosophy Colloquia 19 September - Paul Hovda (Reed College) 24 October - Alan Richardson (UBC) 17 November - Nic Fillion (SFU) 21 November - Conor Mayo-Wilson (UW) Centre for the Study of Religion and Society 13 November - Margaret Cameron (UVic) Victoria Colloquium in Political, Social, and Legal Theory   03 October - Jessica Silbey (Suffolk) 07 November - Peter Zumbansen (King's College London) 28 November - Charles Taylor (McGill) Stay tuned for titles and abstracts!