Undergraduate Germanic and Slavic studies

Realm of opportunities

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Here is what our current students have to say about their experience:

Sienna Blumstengel- International Business Major and Certificate in German Language and Cultural Proficiency

I took Germanic Studies classes out of interest, but then I ended up finding them so interesting that I took enough to qualify for a certificate! Being a Business major, my courses are very restricted, but the Germanic Studies certificate was a perfect fit, and it also sparked my interest to specialize in International Business. This department has fascinating classes, amazing opportunities, and my favourite professors at UVic. 

Viktoriya Ipatieva - Slavic Studies Major, Psychology Minor

After taking Slavic Studies courses, I now have the ability to communicate in Russian, not only in class, but also with my family. My studies give me an insight into my family's culture and bring me back to my family's roots.

The department provides a lot of support for students on an individual level and provides a close-knit community of individuals who share similar interests. The Slavic Studies program offers travel abroad opportunities that are once in a life-time and faculty members that are personable and well respected. In the future, my degree will be essential for my dream of becoming a consulate official for the Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation.

Alisha Fleming- Slavic Studies and Anthropology Double Major

The Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies has a fantastic faculty of compassionate, warm and available professors who teach to their specialties and form a well-rounded, up-to-date department. Literature, culture history and current events are subjected to critical analyses with the aims of acquiring media literacy and an understanding of one's positionality within the field. Emphasis on Ukraine furnishes an in-depth understanding of a typically misrepresented region.

Ceilidhe Maher- Germanic Studies and Honours History Double Major

I am currently completing a Germanic Studies major at UVic. I chose to do so because I am also working on an honours degree in History with a focus on Germany and am convinced that the two would complement each other nicely. The Germanic Studies department has essentially become my second home. The faculty and students are all so welcoming and helpful, and it's such a pleasant learning environment. Because it is a smaller department, the faculty members are able to work closely with the students to create strong bonds and help them excel in their studies.