Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The objective of the PhD program is the accomplishment of independent and original research work leading to significant advancement of knowledge in the field of mechanical engineering.

Admission requirements

The minimum requirement for admission to the doctoral program is a master's degree in science or engineering. In exceptional cases, a student registered for a master's degree in the Department of Mechanical Engineering may be allowed to transfer to the doctoral program without completing the master's program.

Program requirements

The PhD program requires successful completion of at least six units of courses (with a minimum of three units of course work in mechanical engineering, and a maximum of one directed studies course) beyond the master's program, and successful defense of a thesis of 27 units.

Candidates who hold a master’s degree from a university outside Canada or the United States will be required to complete at least nine units of courses.

In consultation with their supervisors, graduate students set up their programs by selecting their courses and thesis projects. All programs must be approved by the Mechanical Engineering graduate office.

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