Funding opportunities for employers

Funding opportunities for employers
David Ross (right) of Patriot Electric hired Nathan Hardy (left) for a co-op work term - Nathan made such a good impression that he was hired on in a permanent position after graduation.

Many funding options for employers are available to help organizations hire students. We encourage our co-op employers to explore potential opportunities!

Funding opportunities for students can also assist with various work term costs.

BC Tech Co-op Grants

In May 2015, the BC government announced $6 million in funding to be provided through the BC Innovation Council (BCIC) for students to receive job training in the technology sector via the BCIC Innovator Skills Initiative and BC Tech Co-op Grants Program. UVic will benefit from this funding.

The BC Tech Co-op Grants Program is designed for small tech businesses and will be delivered in collaboration with co-op departments at BC public post-secondary institutions, including UVic. It encourages student training and job readiness through work terms with small technology firms. The program aims to:

  • provide business and/or technical skills training for students in their first co-op placement
  • encourage small technology firms to hire their first co-op student

The BC Tech Co-op Grants Program is delivered through co-op departments at BC post-secondary institutions. It encourages student training and job readiness through work terms with small technology firms.


  • Small BC technology companies (less than 100 employees) are able to participate.
  • Funds are available to small technology firms to support first term co-op placements and/or to firms employing their first co-op student within the past five years (new employer).
  • Small technology companies are matched with first-term co-op students. If the student is the company’s first co-op employee in five or more years, they are matched with students of any term.


Employers receive a BC Tech Co-op Grant of $2,700, which is up to 25% of the student’s salary, with the remaining 75% to be paid by the employer. This is equivalent to about one month’s salary of a typical four-month (16-week) work term.

How to apply

Canada Summer Jobs

Hiring a student for the summer? Canada Summer Jobs provides funding to help employers create summer job opportunities for students. It's designed to focus on local priorities while helping both students and their communities.

Employers can apply for this funding through Service Canada. The application period typically runs from early January to early February, but please refer to the Service Canada website for specific dates.

See a sample employer application for Canada Summer Jobs (pdf) (UVic applicant)

Important notes for UVic applicants:

  • Student work cannot take away from union work. If you have questions about whether the work qualifies as union-exempt "student" employment or whether it might be considered work included under one of the UVic labour unions, please contact your HR advisor for support before submitting your application.
  • You must submit all applications directly to Service Canada (without union concurrence documentation). You must also email a copy—including the confirmation number)—to Jada Tasker at  for Co-op and Career Services records no later than the February 3, 2017 deadline.
  • When the UVic Co-op Program and Career Services receives a copy of your application, we will check it for completeness and will work with UVic Human Resources to obtain concurrence letters where required. You can then send these to Service Canada to complete your application.

Career Focus

Career Focus is a Canada-wide program that offers funding for employers to help post-secondary graduates find career-related work opportunities in Canada and internationally.

CPABC Incentive

The CPABC Co-op Training Incentive Program offers a hiring incentive to qualifying employers who provide relevant accounting experience to students in post-secondary co-op programs. The program offers employers a $1,200 training incentive (up to three co-op subsidies per year) to hire post-secondary co-op students.

Update:  Please contact the Business Co-op and Career office at  for information on funding timelines and applications.

This program aims to:

  • provide essential accounting training and experience to post-secondary co-op students
  • help employers hire educated and motivated staff
  • encourage post-secondary co-op students to explore careers in accounting
  • promote organizations from various industries as potential future employers. 

This program is available to:

  • Registered CPA public practice firms with fewer than 50 employees
  • Employers registered in the CPABC Career Connect Program that are
    • not-for-profit organizations
    • public sector employers
    • small businesses with fewer than 100 employees (if it's a goods-producing business) or fewer than 50 employees (if it's a service-based business)

Program guidelines

See the full list of CPABC Co-op Training Incentive Program guidelines (pdf)

  • The maximum distribution for each eligible student is $1,200 ($300 per month for the first four months of a student’s work term)
  • Employers will be eligible for subsequent consideration under this program provided that the co-op position is to be filled by a new student to the position—up to three co-op subsidies per year
  • CPABC will forward the subsidy to the post-secondary institution who in turn will pay the employer
  • As the student’s training progresses, they will have exposure to a breadth of accounting experience
  • Participation in the CPABC Co-op Training Incentive Program requires that an employer is not receiving other subsidies for the position
  • Subcontract salary arrangements will not be eligible for this training incentive program
  • A CPABC representative may contact the student and employer during the course of the work term to ensure that program objectives are being met

How to apply

Experience Awards through NSERC

NSERC’s Experience Awards (previously Industrial Undergraduate Student Research Awards [IUSRA]) offer companies access to talented natural sciences and engineering undergraduate students for a work term. This cost-shared program allows students to address company-specific R&D challenges while gaining valuable industrial experience. Experience Awards also let companies identify potential future full-time employees.

Get Youth Working!

Funded through the Canada-BC Labour Market Agreement, Get Youth Working! offers BC employers a $2,800 hiring incentive to hire eligible youth 15 to 19 years of age, as well as a $1,000 training fund for the newly hired youth.

Mitacs Accelerate BC

Interested in pursuing a joint research project with UVic? Through Mitacs Accelerate BC, you can hire a graduate co-op student to spend half of a four-month work term researching a topic of interest to the student, their faculty supervisor and your company.

Mitacs Accelerate BC and you, the employer, will both contribute $7,500 for a four-month work term. The student will spend half the work term at your workplace and the other half at UVic, where they’ll work on research under the guidance of the faculty supervisor.

Mitacs Accelerate BC is a chance to expand your company’s research and development, foster a deeper relationship with UVic and help out future collaborative projects. To learn more about Accelerate and its eligibility conditions, contact your co-op office or visit Mitacs Accelerate.

National Research Council Canada – Industrial Research Assistance Program

National Research Council Canada's Industrial Research Assistance Program provides innovation and funding services to accelerate the growth of business.

Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions funding

The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS) may provide funding to provincial ministry employers who wish to hire co-op students to work on projects that meet PICS main objectives. These objectives include low-carbon emissions research and research related to sustainable communities. For details, visit the PICS website or contact your co-op office.

Targeted Wage Subsidies

Targeted Wage Subsidies is an employment program that provides financial assistance to employers to hire eligible individuals. The program encourages employers to hire individuals whom they would not normally hire without a subsidy.

Young Canada Works

Young Canada Works (student summer job programs and graduate internships) are designed to meet your hiring needs in the arts, heritage, cultural and official languages sectors.

Funding options to hire engineering, computer science and math students

The following funding opportunities may be available to employers hiring engineering, computer science and math/stats students:

Funding programs for employers in Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan

Here are a few of the funding opportunities available for employers in Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan

Alberta Temporary Employment Program (STEP)

  • For small businesses (1-49 employees), non-profits, libraries, school boards, municipalities, First Nations, Métis Settlements, and publicly-funded post-secondary institutions
  • Students must be residents of Alberta and meet other specified criteria.

Saskatchewan Student Summer Works (SSW)

  • For eligible employers operating in Saskatchewan in the Sports and Recreation Sector, Cultural Sector and Environmental Sector
  • Students must be residents of Saskatchewan and meet other specific criteria

Manitoba STEP Services

  • The official student employment placement service for the government of Manitoba
  • Students must be attending school and meet other specified criteria