Tech Connect

Tech Connect

When: May 2017 (check back in April 2017 for updated information)
Where: Engineering and Computer Science Building

Looking to connect with a few employers in the local hi-tech industry? Stop by Tech Connect to:

  • Network with professionals
  • Find out what they do
  • Learn what employers look for when hiring

Join us on Twitter: #uvictechconnect   Contact us: or 250-472-5827

Who's attending Tech Connect?

The following organizations took part in 2016:

  • BC Cancer Agency (BME, CEng, CSc, Math, MTIS, SEng)
  • Beanstream (CEng, CSc, MTIS, SEng)
  • Echosec (CEng, CSc, MTIS, SEng)
  • Giftbit (CEng, CsC, MTIS, SEng)
  • LaneLight (CEng, Cive, Elec, Math, SEng)
  • Read Jones Christoffersen (Cive, Elec, Mech)
  • Starfish Medical (BME, CEng, CSc, Elec, Mech, MTIS, SEng)
  • Victoria Makerspace (Elec/Mech)
  • AIESEC (CSc/Engr/Math)

Check back in April 2017 for an updated list.

NOTE: Tech Connect exhibitors are typically small, local companies or organizations whose budgets may restrict them from attending larger career fairs.