How to pay a Work Study employee

Hiring a Work Study Student

The appointment of a Work Study student is completed through the Work Study Authorization form process. No other appointment or new hire forms are required. 

The Work Study Authorization form contains a section for the Payroll office and is forwarded to the Payroll office by the Student Awards and Financial Aid office.

The Work Study Authorization form

This form is brought to you by the student that you will hire. Once you have sent it to SAFA, they will send it to Payroll for position setup. 

Full Work Study Authorization form

SIN information

You will need to state if your job is a union or non-union position, as well as make sure that the student has a SIN on record. If they are an international student, please forward the study permit and SIN documentation. 

SIN information

Time entry information

Depending on how your office records casual hours, you can choose the appropriate form of time entry.

 Time Sheet settings

Top-up and billing information

The Work Study job will be setup with a default top-up amount and a default account to be billed (For top-up or any overages).

Top-up and account information


Recording hours (Updated for 2018)

The supervisor's responsibility

During the work term it is the supervisors responsibility to monitor hours worked and submit the time worked via timesheet or electronic time sheet to the Payroll department. 

Legislation dictates that an employee must be paid within 8 days of the pay period, so timely submission of the hours worked is critical. 

Filling in the time sheet

Work Study employees have two components to their pay:

  1. Base Wage - Funded through the Student Awards and Financial Aid office
  2. Wage top-up - Funded by the department where the work is being done. 

Both wage components will be paid by recording worked hours as:

The top-up amount defined in the Work Study Authorization form will be used. If there is no top-up amount defined, then a top-up salary of $0/hour will be recorded.