Approving hours in Department time entry

Department time entry resources:

The time approval screen can be accessed using any modern browser through the Employee services menu in My page

Access time entry/approval screen

Time can be approved through Banner administrative pages (PHADSUM) or through My page. This documentation will cover time approval through My page

  • The time entry/approval screen can be access through a bookmarked link, or through the following steps:
    • Browse to
    • Select "Employee Services" from the left side menu
    • Within the middle of the screen select "Time Sheet"
  • Select "Approve or Acknowledge Time", and press the Select button.

Browse to approval screen

Selecting a time sheet to approve

Select the organization (ORGN) and pay period to approve in under "Time Sheet". Press "Select" to view the time sheets. 

  • Note: From this screen you can approve both leave, and time sheets. 

Select pay period and organization

The time sheet list shows each time sheet, it's status and the options available. By default the time sheets are sorted by status. The "Pending" (approval) time sheets will be on top. Other status' will be listed below and may include:

  • Not started - Has not been "Extracted" or accessed
  • In Progress - Extracted, and may have hours, but has not been submitted for approval
  • Error - An error was generated when the time sheet was keyed
  • Approved - Completed

    The "Pending" table is actionable and contains the following columns:
  • ID - This is the ID number of the person in the Job.
  • Name, Position, title - This is the "Job" column (person+position= Job). You may have one person with more than one Job, so look out for the position number and title
  • Required Action - The action that is required from you. Generally this is "Approve"
  • Total hours - The total hours on the time sheet
  • Approve or FYI - Checkboxes in this column allow you to approve multiple time sheets at once
  • Return for correction - Checkboxes in this column allow you to return multiple time sheets at once
  • Cancel - Checkboxes in this column allow you to cancel multiple time sheets at once
  • Other information - Other actions and options that can be performed on each time sheet

Viewing and approving a time sheet

To select a time sheet to approve, click on the "Name" on the row that you are going to approve. This will bring up the detailed hours, and earn codes in the pay period specified. The time sheet also includes the comments put in by the keyer, the routing of the time sheet, and the account distribution and overrides. 

Time sheet overview

From the options section referenced above, you can:

  • Approve - to approve the time sheet as viewed
  • Return for correction - so that the keyer can update the time sheet and re-submit
  • Change record - to correct or change the time sheet
  • Delete - to delete the time sheet
  • Add Comment - to add to the comments

The options menu also shows controls for viewing the previous or next time sheet, or to return to the time sheet summary through the "Previous Menu" button. 

Time sheet options

Attributing hours to a different account

You can attribute hours in the time sheet to a different account (labour distribution) as the approver. This is done through the "Change Record" action on the time sheets.


An account override is done on a day/earn code basis, either select a set of hours that have been entered, or if you are entering new hours, click "Enter Hours". A box to enter hours will appear at the top, and the option for account distribution will appear.

Over-ride hours

NOTE: You cannot enter hours for earn codes that require a custom rate to be entered. 

Once the day and earn code have been selected and "Account Distribution" pressed you will have a summary of the current distribution. Select "Update" to change it.

default override

The update screen allows you to select the number of hours to attribute, and where to allocate the charges.

Select account for override.

Once saved the account distribution will be updated and the summary screens will show two asterisks where there is an account override. 

Override applied