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Kyla's pathway

Student in cap and gown outside on UVic campus Kyla received the Certificate of Outstanding Academic Distinction for the Faculty of Human and Social Development at convocation in June 2023.

Kyla Phillips overcame multiple barriers in getting her degree. This summer she graduated with the highest GPA of all students in the Faculty of Human and Social Development. Below, Kyla shares how donations made a difference in her pathway to education.

"I was raised in government care. I’ve lived in many different homes, and like many kids who grow up in care, I struggled with a lot of challenges due to trauma. But since I was a little kid I wanted to attend the University of Victoria. I was told by many people in my life that this dream was not something that would be possible for me, that I should focus on something more realistic. 

Without access to bursaries and awards, I wouldn’t have an education.

When I found out about the award I received and how much it would cover, I cried. I was so grateful and that gratitude will follow me for the rest of my life.  

I worked really hard in my studies because I want to be an inspiring story for youth when they are told that they can’t achieve their dreams. What this support has given me is the ability to provide my kids with a stable home and a mother that is university-educated. My son talks about going to university.  He knows it’s a route he can go—that he’s capable. 

"When you give to support students, you’re creating a snowball effect. You are not just supporting one person, you could be supporting thousands of people in the future. To help them feel like they can, to help their voices be heard." - Kyla Phillips

Pathways to Education Fund

No two journeys are alike, but the UVic Pathways to Education Fund supports students wherever they are on their path and brings them closer to achieving their dreams and goals.

A gift to the UVic Pathways to Education Fund provides direct financial support for students through scholarships, bursaries and awards.

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