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Highlights from Giving Tuesday 2023

two students are smiling talking to each other in front of a colorful wheel, the background behind them is a tent with colorful decorations and a life-size game board with giant dice and people playing games

On November 28, 2023, Giving Tuesday returned to the University of Victoria for its seventh consecutive year, bigger, brighter and cozier than ever. On a day devoted to giving back and cutting through the consumeristic noise rampant before the holidays, the UVic community showed how much they care about making a difference.

This year, 824 donors supported over 24 meaningful causes. Dollars were unlocked ($56,100 to be exact), coffees were purchased (with profits supporting priority causes), and alumni, employees, and friends gave $159,454! Added to previous years’ contributions, Giving Tuesday at UVic has now raised $887,985 since its inception.

Thanks to everyone who donated, sponsored a challenge, sent a Giving Gram, or stopped by to celebrate at the sprinkle station in the quad.

student smiling rolling a giant dice
Giant dice, Sprinkle Bucks, trivia questions, and one life-size game board can only mean one thing – Philanthropoly!

Over 820 students gathered to play the life-size Monopoly (with a giving twist), Philanthropoly, where they learned about the impact of philanthropy at UVic and unlocked $5,500 of Sprinkle Bucks to designate to causes they care about.

Sprinkle Bucks represent real donor dollars that provide students with an opportunity to give on Giving Tuesday, without drawing on their own resources. Volunteers were touched to see students taking time to read about all 24 funds before choosing where to add their support.

Special thanks to the UVic Alumni Association, Urban Grocer and Heart Pharmacy for sponsoring $8,000 worth of Sprinkle Bucks for various games on Giving Tuesday.

Student writing on a card, the table around them has sprinkle decorations on it and boxes full of "sprinkle bucks" UVic branded paper money
The UVSS Food Bank and Free Store was a clear priority for donors and students on campus.

This year’s priority funds focused on uplifting student success, health, and well-being. The student food bank, ITOTELNEW̱TEL LTE: Learning From One Another (Elder Engagement), student wellness centre, and Pathways to Education funds all provide timely support and enrich the UVic student experience.

It wouldn’t be a 2023 celebration without Swiftie-inspired friendship bracelets—one of this year’s new activities that echoed the core theme of student wellness. Cozy by the outdoor firepits, some students stayed for hours (several returned a time or two), making new friends, chatting with volunteers about student awards and services supported by donors, and showing off their handmade beaded jewellery. One student commented, “I needed this break today. This is so therapeutic, in between final projects and year-end exams.”

Two students smile at the camera with their arms outstretched showing off colorful beaded bracelets.
UVic students with their new handmade bracelets!

Online, more than 8,500 people engaged with UVic Giving Tuesday-related content through playing games, sharing stories, and contributing to #AddSprinklesUVic. The collaborative efforts of partners across campus and in the community helped share the message of generosity around the globe through various social media channels. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to check out #AddSprinklesUVic.

A group of students smile at the camera in a photo booth, a colored sprinkle background is behind them
A welcome break in between classes to make memories with friends and celebrate generosity.

Did you know there’s a friendly competition for UVic employees in the weeks leading up to Giving Tuesday? The Great Giving Gramalanche Challenge invites faculty and staff to share the love and send Giving Grams to their colleagues, peers, friends and family. Doing so gifts the recipient a donation to designate towards a fund of their choosing. This year, University Communications and Marketing (UCAM) took the win as the department that sent the most Giving Grams.

Anita Bhappu smiles with a student caller. They are holding signs saying "thank you" and "Giving Tuesday UVic"
On Thank You Thursday, the student calling centre welcomed UVic leaders as special guests. Anita Bhappu (pictured with student caller, Brooke), Elizabeth Croft, Robin Hicks, Jo-Anne Clarke, Jane Potentier, Allana Lindgren and Lisa Surridge, were on the phones thanking donors for their support.

Giving Tuesday at UVic is the perfect demonstration of what’s possible when we come together and give back. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to making Giving Tuesday such a success—your generosity and gratitude are contagious! Until next year, don’t forget to sprinkle kindness UVic!

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