Course summaries

Preliminary Course information Summaries (PCIS) are posted here to help inform your course selection.

Senate-approved course descriptions for the Faculty are in the UVic Academic Calendar. Detailed course descriptions are posted on CourseSpace's at the start of term. Access to the detailed information is restricted to students registered in the course.

LAW 301  The Administrative Law Process (Chan, Kathryn)
LAW 301I Transsystemic Administrative Law (Janna Promislow)
LAW 302 Criminal Law II (Michelle Lawrence)
LAW 307B Civil Procedure and Drafting (TBA)
LAW 309 Law of Evidence (Moira Aikenhead)
LAW 312 Debtor and Creditor Relations (Freya Kodar)
LAW 315 Business Associations (Kim Willey)
LAW 318 Remedies (Keith Phillips)
LAW 322 Family Law (Gillian Calder)
LAW 325  Access to Justice (Cross-listed DR 516) (Robert Lapper, QC)
LAW 330 International Law (TBA)
LAW 340  Indigenous Lands, Rights and Governance (John Gailus)
LAW 343-1  Race, Sex, Families (Gillian Calder)
LAW 343-2  Climate Litigation Workshop (Chris Tollefson, Anthony Ho, David Wu)
LAW 343-3  Legal Pluralism (Jeremy Webber)
LAW 344 Insurance (Laura Miller)
LAW 345  Taxation (Esteban Vallejo Toledo)
LAW 345A First Nation Taxation (Bradley Bryan)
LAW 349  Business Law Clinic (Michael Litchfield) / BLC Webpage
LAW 350  Law Centre: Clinical Law Term (Stephen Perks) / Law Center Webpage
LAW 353  Environmental Law Centre Clinic (Deborah Curran, Patrick Canning) / ELC Webpage
LAW 353A Environmental Law Clinic Intensive (Calvin Sandborn, Deborah Curran) / ELC Webpage
LAW 355  Legal Skills (Ian Wiebe)
LAW 356-1 Advocacy (Jess Patterson)
LAW 356-2 Advocacy (TBA)
LAW 358 Race, Culture, Ethnicity and the Law (Bradley Bryan & Asad Kiyani)
LAW 360-1  Legal Ethics and Professionalism (TBA)
LAW 369 Femnist Legal Theories (Tamara Amoroso Gonçalves)
LAW 387  Health Law (William Clark, Kim Yee)
LAW 388  Advanced Legal Research and Writing (Tim Richards)
LAW 389  Appeal Law Journal (full year course) (Andrew Buck)
LAW 397 Indigenous Legal Theories (Tracey Lindberg)