UVic’s first Impact Week celebrates kindness, generosity and gratitude across campus

There is a lot to celebrate when it comes to recognizing the vast community of donors, students, faculty, staff and organizations who make an impact at the University of Victoria and beyond. In fact, there’s so much, we could no longer fit all our gratitude and celebrations into a single day—so last year’s Impact Day has become this year’s Impact Week.

Taking place from March 14-18, each day of Impact Week will focus on a different theme to help us learn about, reflect on, and thank those who make a difference here at UVic. Students can get involved during the tag scavenger hunt and thank-a-thon (which involves a visiting ice cream truck). On Thursday—a day dedicated to gratitude—there will also be a special event for all the faculty and staff who are part of the UVic donor community. Everyone can read story highlights and follow along on UVic social media (#youruvicimpact).  

Impact Week isn’t just about thanking donors who make large gifts and fund buildings (although we will do that), it’s also about shifting the narrative to include the many different sides of philanthropy. When you spend time helping a colleague or mentoring a student, sitting on an advisory board, donating to a UVic project, or supporting the United Way campaign, these are all acts of philanthropy. Each gift of time, talent or treasure that makes a positive impact on campus and in the community deserves to be celebrated. We hope you will join us in doing just that!