Vice-President Finance & Operations

Meet the Team with Campus Security

As part of our Service Excellence Initiative, Uvic's Campus Security held an Open House for all staff in the VPFO portfolio.

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People talking by the UVic fountain

What we do

Our office oversees the financial, human and physical resources of the university.

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Plasma Car United Way

On October 25th, 2016, the Office of the VPFO raised over $1300 for the United Way during the Plasma Car Challange with House Lannister and House Stark at the wheel.

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VPFO Service Excellence Retreat

All departments of the VPFO came together to share, support, and build on the momentum of Service Excellence and its initiatives.  

Service Excellence Coaching Training

Dr. Mark Colgate is hosting 3 sessions of Coaching Training open for all VPFO staff.

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Vice-President Finance and Operations (VPFO)

The Office of the Vice-President Finance and Operations (VPFO) is responsible for the financial, human and physical resources of the University of Victoria.

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Some of the key functions of the VPFO are:

  • to develop and coordinate the university's human resources strategy;
  • to provide expertise on financial and audit issues to all members of the university community, including university entities;
  • to prepare and manage the annual operating budget;
  • to undertake capital planning and management of physical resources;
  • to prepare and manage endowment and pension investments;
  • to plan the development of the physical resources of the campus;
  • to provide information technology infrastructure, tools and resources to all members of the university community; and
  • to protect students, faculty, staff and property through the creation of a safe campus environment.