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Customize the top link bar

NOTE: For assistance with SharePoint sites on Connect, please see the Connect Help Wiki.

This tutorial is also available as a downloadable pdf.

SharePoint provides several ways in which you can customize the navigation of your site. This tutorial is intended for site owners and designers and includes information about customizing the top link bar. For other customization tutorials, see: Customize the Quick Launch menu and Show or hide tree view, which shows the contents and hierarchy of the site. Note that you cannot customize the breadcrumb navigation at the top of a page.

What is the top link bar?

The top link bar provides a way for users of your site to quickly navigate to other sites in the site collection by displaying a row of tabs at the top of every page in the site.

Top link bar

When you create a new site, you can choose from three different top link bar configurations:

Note: If a site is renamed from the General Settings page, the site name is not updated on the top link bar. To change the name that appears on the top link bar, you must edit the top link bar.

Configure the top link bar for a site

By default, when you create a new site, the site appears on the top link bar of the parent site, and the new site inherits the top link bar of the parent site. To stop using the top link bar from the parent site, you can change the setting at any time and use a customized top link bar for you sub-site.

  1. Navigate to your site's homepage. Click the Site Actions menu and then select Site Settings.

    Site Settings

  2. In the Look and Feel column, click Top link bar.

    Top link bar

  3. To create custom links for the site, click Stop Inheriting Links. To use the same links as the parent site, click Use Links from Parent.
    • Add: If you want to add a new link to the top link bar, click New Link. Type the URL (website address) and a description of the link. Click OK.
    • Edit: To edit a link, click the Edit icon. Edit icon Make the necessary changes and click OK.
    • Delete: To remove a link, click the Edit icon. Click Delete. Note that when you delete a link from the top link bar, any links contained under that link are also deleted.
    • Reorder: To rearrange the links, click Change Order. In the Link Order column, click on the options in the list to change the order in which the links appear. Click OK.