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Our vision is to be a university of choice for outstanding students, faculty and staff from British Columbia, Canada and the world. We aspire to be the Canadian university that best integrates outstanding scholarship, inspired teaching and real-life involvement. As members of a diverse and dynamic learning community, we challenge one another to become thoughtful, engaged citizens and leaders, prepared to contribute to the betterment of a rapidly changing global society.


The University of Victoria enriches its students and society by creating knowledge, fostering academic and experiential learning and serving communities in British Columbia, in Canada and around the world. We build on the strength and diversity of our people— students, faculty, staff and alumni — to strengthen our position among the best universities in Canada and the world, recognized for excellence in teaching, learning, research, artistic creativity, professional practice and service to the community.

We are committed to:

  • providing a high-quality learning and research environment
  • integrating teaching, learning, research and civic engagement1 across the disciplines
  • employing our core strengths to benefit our external communities — locally, regionally, nationally and internationally — and promoting civic engagement and global citizenship2
  • promoting the development of a just and sustainable society through our programs of education and research and the stewardship of our own financial and physical resources
  • collegial forms of governance that provide appropriate opportunities for all members of the university community to participate
  • environments for work and study that are safe, supportive, inclusive and healthy and that foster mutual respect and civility, recognizing that people are our primary strength
  • public and internal accountability.

Fundamental values

The following fundamental values will inform all of our actions and are a prerequisite to fulfilling the purpose of the university:

  • intellectual and ethical integrity
  • freedom of speech and freedom of inquiry
  • equal rights and dignity of all persons.

Planning and Priorities Committee

(as of December 2011)

  • David Turpin, Chair
  • Julia Eastman, Secretary
  • Geraldine van Gyn, Faculty Member from the Senate Committee on Planning
  • Sikata Banerjee, Chair, Senate Committee on University Budget

Faculty Members selected by the Senate Committee on Agenda and Governance

  • John Anderson (to June 2011)
  • Gweneth Doane
  • John Dower
  • Annalee Lepp
  • Andrea McKenzie
  • Malcolm Rutherford
  • Frank van Veggel

Non-Academic Staff Members

  • Jim Forbes (to June 2010)
  • Fran Hunt-Jinnouchi (to June 2011)
  • Garry Sagert
  • Ruth Young

Student Senators

  • Andrew Allen (2010-2011)
  • José Barrios (2010-2011)
  • James Coccola (2009-2010)
  • Chris Hackett
  • Heather McKenzie (2009-2010)
  • Ali Tehranchi
  • Leanne Wiltsie (2009-2010)

Ex Officio Members

  • Howard Brunt
  • Jamie Cassels (to December 2010)
  • Gayle Gorrill
  • Valerie Kuehne
  • Reeta Tremblay

Resource Persons

  • Ludgard De Decker
  • Tony Eder
  • Bruce Kilpatrick
  • Ased Said
  • Grace Wong Sneddon

1“Civic engagement means working to make a difference in the civic life of our communities and developing the combination of knowledge, skills, values and motivation to make that difference.” (Thomas Ehrlich [Ed.], Civic Responsibility and Higher Education, Oryx Press, 2000)
2Awareness of the world as a global community, recognising the rights and responsibilities of citizens within it. (
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