Register with the RCSD

Get started

If you are new to RCSD and have never registered with us before, submit your medical or psychological documentation to us: 

  • submit electronically to our office through the online pre-intake


You should register as early as possible after being accepted to the university to avoid any delays.

You must register with us by:

  • October 31 to request accommodations for the fall term.
  • February 28 to request accommodations for the winter term.

If you have a recent diagnosis you can still register after these deadlines. 


We need your permission to share information about accommodations with your instructors. 

When you register with the RCSD, provide your medical documentation and allow us to communicate with your instructors about your accommodations, your privacy is protected by the BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the university’s Protection of Privacy policy (GV0235).


You only need to disclose your disability when applying to the university under the special access category.

After you’re accepted to the university and if you’re planning on requesting academic accommodations or services from us, you’ll need to provide documentation

If you’ve had academic accommodations before at your high school or college, you may find that your new accommodations are different.   

Note: UVic does not assume responsibility for identifying or diagnosing your disability, and does not provide funding for this purpose.


The following policy and procedures guide the process of requesting and receiving academic accommodations:

Parents & Guardians

As a student with a disability, you are the only person who knows both your own situation and your courses. We need your participation in developing a plan for access.

Learning to self-advocate is an important part of transitioning through university. If you encounter difficulties we need to hear from you before we can resolve any problems.

Advisor support

You and your advisor will:

  • Discuss your documentation. (Is it up to date, sufficient, appropriate?)
  • Discuss what you need and what courses you’re taking. (What programs or workshops can I use, what accessibility do I need, what are the learning outcomes expected by instructors?)
  • Discuss RCSD procedures. (What do I need to know?)
  • Get prepared to meet with your instructors. (Do I need help self-advocating?)
  • Orientation to the student self-serve portal (ClockWork) 
  • Discuss other resources and services on campus. (Do I need a referral?)
  • Collect contact information and have you sign a release of information agreement. (Do I need to ask about confidentiality? Do I have concerns?)
  • Discuss grants and bursaries. (Do I qualify for funding for services --i.e. learning assistance-- or technology? What else is available to me?).

Grant for students with permanent disabilities

Grant for services and equipment for students with permanent disabilities

Communication and news

We communicate with all students by regularly scheduled email to your UVic preferred email address (

Your advisor will respond to your questions in email or you can come in to meet with them.